Love Your Brand, Love Your River – Metro Nova Creative Donates to Friends of the Rappahannock

The Rappahannock river is an integral part of downtown Fredericksburg and surrounding areas. Majestic eagles and herons can be seen patrolling the for a fresh meal daily. The river provides a spawning haven for fish like the American shad who live in salt water and swim into the fresh waters of the Rappahannock to spawn. Countless amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, and mammals call the river their home and source of life. The river also supports the local human community with opportunities for recreation, fishing, cooling down on a hot day, and more! With stunning views and winding curves, the Rappahannock is the perfect place to paint a landscape, kayak the rapids, chill out on an inflatable tube, birdwatch, sunbathe, hike, and any number of other outdoor activities.

When it comes to protecting the Rappahannock river and educating our community about the wonders it provides, no other organization compares to the dedicated folks over at Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR). That’s why our company chose FOR as the recipient of our second quarter profits donation! Each financial quarter, Metro Nova Creative donates a portion of our profits to a local charity or organization that is close to our hearts. This year, founder Dan Craddock asked the members of his team to choose which organizations would receive the funds and we were ecstatic to do so! For Q2 of 2022, Metro Nova Creative designer Emmalee Maine advocated for Friends of the Rappahannock, saying: “I grew up in an outdoorsy family (camping, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, etc.) and love nature and wildlife. So prioritizing, protecting, and restoring the natural environments that surround us is important to me.” And as a team, we couldn’t agree more!

Metro Nova Creative Donates to Friends of the Rappahannock

This conservation organization has been around since 1985 and their mission is simple: To be the voice and active force for a healthy and scenic Rappahannock River. The Friends of the Rappahannock achieves their mission through advocacy, restoration, and education. And when we went down to their charming location off Fall Hill Avenue to present them with a gigantic check (plus a more reasonably sized one for depositing), we learned a lot about their programs, their values, and the river itself! For example, did you know that the biggest problem the river faces right now is sediment runoff? The reason the water is so murky a lot of the time is because of stormwater runoff, developments, farms, erosion, etc. This adds tons of dirt, oils, trash, sediment, and other pollutants into the river. See a video below of Daria Christian explaining that brown river water and the ways Friends of the Rappahannock are combating sediment our waterways!

We’re always happy to support our community and our local organizations but it was a real treat to be able to bask in the expertise and joy that Friends of the Rappahannock has for Fredericksburg’s great river and the nature that surrounds us. Metro Nova Creative is proud to have been able to contribute $500 towards their education efforts and support the health of the Rappahannock.

Metro Nova Creative Donates to Friends of the Rappahannock

Plus, ya know… THE RIVER OTTERS ARE BACK! And we’re absolutely taking full credit for that.

You’re welcome, Fredericksburg.

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