Our team is what makes us great. Our story is what makes us unique.

Metro Nova Creative was founded with the idea that every small business deserves a chance at success. A big part of those early years is looking professional and trustworthy. We wanted to support small businesses all over Virginia and give them the tools to grow while being respectful of their budget. Since 2014 our team has just done that, and we’ve even expanded outside of Virginia to cover the Mid-Atlantic region. We look forward to hearing your story, understanding your goals, and inspiring you to LOVE YOUR BRAND.

dan photo

Dan Craddock

Founder, Director, Nerdy Dude

Dan is a father, artist, collector of comics and toys, and also the founder of Metro Nova Creative. He spends most of his down-time relaxing with his family, enjoying Fredericksburg, or reading.

Favorite work - Logo design and brand strategy

laura photo

Laura Honsinger

Assistant (to the) Regional Manager

Laura is a local artist who enjoys crocheting, solo road trips, and Netflix with the cats. When she’s not busy being a crazy cat lady, she’s helping Dan with various tasks at the office and learning more about marketing and design.

Favorite work - Graphic design & testing/editing new websites before launch

charlie and luna photo

Charlie & Luna

Assistants to the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager

When these two aren’t sleeping on the job, they are most likely destroying furniture, plotting world domination, or shedding. They’re both quite useless as employees but we keep them on for moral support for their mom, Laura.

Favorite work - turning wooden chairs into toothpicks

megan photo

Megan Appleton

Digital Marketing Lead, Golden Doodle Wrangler

Megan is a Doodle mom and lover of life. When she's not beefing up our client's digital marketing services, she's usually working on her own small business, Designs by Megan which produces hand crafted gifts and goods for any occasion.

Favorite work - Social media management and strategy

sonny photo


Getter of Treats, Megan's Manager

Sonny spends most of his time keeping Megan on track with her work. He runs a tight ship and expects things to be done in a timely fashion. J/K - he's terrible at time management and spends most of his time sleeping or borking at Dan during video conferences.

Favorite work - Booty scooty

emmalee photo

Emmalee Maine

Graphic Designer, Bringer of the Baked Goods

Emmalee is an outstanding artist, super Mom, and nature enthusiast. Seriously, she keeps picking up bugs.

Favorite work - Web design, identity design, and layout work

caitlin photo

Caitlin Craddock

HR & Payroll, Plant Stuff Too

Caitlin spends her downtime hanging out with her family, nerding out on Harry Potter, and making handmade crafts for her family and friends. She also keeps Dan in line.

Favorite work - Mostly the payroll part we think

Artboard 5@2x

LeAnna Armstrong

Graphic Designer, CMYK Barista

You can often find LeAnna in her creative space usually with paint all over her hands. She prefers a pastel color palette over bold, lukewarm water, and always has gum. She loves to support local businesses and enjoys putting in the work to help them succeed.

Favorite work - Collaborative Pieces & Illustrations

bunny monster 2@2x


Maryland Office Manager

Tyler runs a tight ship. He loves watching "The Office" and Michael Scott is his idol. “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” -Michael Scott

Favorite work - Parkour, Improv Comedy

Sophie headshot@2x

Sophie Rice

Bringer of Referrals, Professional Talker

Sophie is our newest member of the team and we just LOVE her! Whether she's networking, bringing in new clients, or showing off her cool accent, Sophie's friendly & bubbly personality shines through.

Favorite work - Coffee mornings & afternoon tea, Decorating our new conference room

rosie and major photo

Rosie & Major

Perpetual Interns

Rosie the dog and Major Tom Cat are our resident interns. They handle a lot of basic tasks around the office like pets, sits, attacking shoe laces, etc.

Favorite work - Rolling around on the floor together and kicking their legs all over

riley photo


Quality Control of Naps

Riley is our senior citizen of the shop. She's pretty old...and mostly tired. She doesn't really do much of anything. She doesn't even show up to work anymore. But it's ok.

Favorite work - Nothing, leave her alone

Shelley headshot@2x


Expert Listener

Loves green & showing off her healthy eating habits. Enjoys VERY leisurely strolls with her mom Sophie.

Favorite work - Slow & steady tasks, Munching on snacks

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