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Mini-Site Design Package

Professional Websites for Micro Businesses

A professional-looking website shows you are a legitimate, professional business.

Start out small with a mini-site where your clients can learn about your business and get in touch.

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Mini Site

Professional Mini Website
  • A single-page website with awesome features and a custom layout
  • One Header block with hero image or graphic and text
  • List of up to FIVE products or services
  • Five web-optimized images - you provide your own, or we will locate gorgeous stock photos for you
  • One Call to Action block
  • One Testimonials or Social Media block
  • One Contact Form
  • One Custom Blog Template, so that you can write your own blog posts
Go Small

The Mini-Site Package: Frequently Asked Questions

Our mini-site package is designed for freelancers, micro businesses, small businesses, and side hustles that need a professional internet presence at an affordable cost.  We build you a totally unique, custom website targeted at your desired client base.

This package does not include a logo design, but our startup package does, so check it out!

Absolutely.  Your website belongs to you for you to use any way you please. Just buy your domain name (we suggest GoDaddy or Google Domains) and keep your card on file so that domain is yours for keeps!

Absolutely!  You will have full administrator access to your website, and you’ll have the ability to write blog posts any time you like on your desktop computer or using the WordPress app!

Our typical mini-site goes live in 4-6 weeks. If you’re on a tight timeline, talk to us to see if one of our designers can fit you into their schedule more quickly. 

Of course.  We can build on to your website as your business grows or needs change, or you can DIY it yourself.  You are in control.

Yes!  Your website will be listed in Google.  You can expect to be in the top search results for your business name.

If you need to be listed on Google for your products or services, you will need more than the Mini Site can offer. Need help deciding?  We are here to help.  Schedule a free 30-minute meeting with us to talk about your business and website needs.

The top of your website is the most important part, because that’s what the customer sees first.  You want it to “pop” and look professional. We will design a custom header for your page that includes a full-width image called a “hero” image, or a graphic with text introduction to your page.

Header with Hero Image and Hamburger Mobile Menu (top right):Hero Image with Header and Hamburger menu

Header with graphic:

Graphical Header

A Call to Action is a command or action phrase on a website that tells the user to take some specified action. It is usually a button or link that says something like ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Get Pricing’. Our Call to Action blocks are created based on your input to get your customer’s attention and help them connect with you easily.

Call to Action: Buy a Restaurant Gift Card

Call To Action Example

Call to Action: Schedule a Consultation with a Tutor

Call to action example mini website

Please include at least one picture of each of the products or services you want us to include on your mini site.  If you don’t have any pictures, no problem.  We have a huge stock photo library and will make you look GREAT!

Real Estate Photographer Gallery Example

Gallery example

Contractor Services with Stock Photos Example

Stock Photos Example

It’s important to build trust on a website by sharing what satisfied customers say about you.  We will build a block to share positive feedback on your mini site.

If you have an active Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, or other social media account, we will embed a feed of your account right on your mini site to keep it fresh, automatically.  For example, when you upload a new picture to your Instagram, it will automatically display on your website, too!  This is the value of a social media block — you can update both your website and your social media feed at the same time!

You’ll get to choose either testimonials or a social media feed on your mini site. 

Testimonials examples

Testimonials Example

Testimonials Block Example

Jewelry Store Social Media Instagram Feed Example

Social media feed example

A contact form is the part of a website that allows a customer to provide contact information so that you can reach out to complete a transaction.

Your Mini-Site contact form will include a place for the customer name, email address, phone number, and a brief message.  You can have the email message sent to any email address — even your SMS-enabled cell phone!

We hate spam, and so we include honeypots on all of our contact forms to protect you from unwanted messages.

Contact Form Sample

Websites are made up of two main types of data: pages and posts.  

Pages contain information that does not change often and do not need dates, like services lists, homepages, and contact forms.

Posts contain information that is currently important.  You might put an announcement about an upcoming event in a blog post.  You might write commentary on a current event in a blog post.  You might write a case study about a recent client in a blog post.

You will be able to write blog posts for your new mini site.  Don’t want to write blog posts?  No problem.  You are the owner of your website and are in total control.

Lawn Service Blog Post Example

Blog Post exaple

You betcha!  We can TOTALLY host your website.

Our hosting includes multiple weekly backups online, and we save all of the files on our dedicated server so that if the internet goes wonky, it’s easy to restore your website.

No, your website visitors will not be able to buy directly from your mini site, but your minisite will include a call to action that lets customers contact you to purchase.

If you want customers to be able to shop on your website, we can help!  Our e-commerce team will design you a website that displays products, includes descriptions, integrates with shipping options, and gets you your money fast!  Contact us to talk about an e-commerce website!

You betcha!  Creating custom solutions for our clients is what we do best.  Contact us to set up a meeting to ask us for tips on how to customize your package.  We’ve helped many local businesses like yours, and we can’t wait to help your business take the next step towards professionalism!

Please do!  Check out our Instagram feed for the latest updates, or look at our portfolio page here.

Benefits of a mini-site design


We know that running a business is expensive! Our mini-site package makes custom, professional website design accessible to every small businesses.


Your website can go live in just a few days if your content and images are ready to go. Really.


Your business will grow, and your mini-site can grow with you. Adding new pages, sections, or online sales is easy and fast as your business grows.


Your totally custom mini site will lend your small business legitimacy and professionalism. You'll look great to potential customers and shock the competition.

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