How Many Logos will I Receive?

Corgi Clay Art Center log variations

At Metro Nova Creative, when putting together a logo design, the standard offering includes three initial logo concepts for you to choose from. Once you select the preferred concept, you proceed with revision rounds. The final number of logo designs you receive depends on the specific package or deliverables outlined for your brand.

Typically, the deliverables may include:

Full Logo: This includes both the icon (symbol) and the Wordmark (name) together.
Icon Design: This focuses on the symbol or icon part of the logo.
Wordmark Design: This involves designing just the name without the accompanying symbol.
Additionally, the package may include variations such as:

Primary Color: The main color scheme for your logo.
Secondary Color: An alternate color scheme.
Tertiary Color: Another color option, if applicable.
Full Color Version: The complete, colored version of the logo.

It’s emphasized that you should not receive just one JPEG file as a final deliverable. A professional logo designer would provide you with various file formats and versions to ensure versatility and usability across different platforms and contexts. This comprehensive approach ensures that you have a range of options and variations to suit different applications for your brand. Hear Dan talk more on this subject here:

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