5 Essential Things to Consider When Building a Brand as a New Real Estate Agent

In the competitive world of real estate services, it is easy to get lost in the crowd or go unnoticed by potential customers. So how does a newer real estate agent approach building a brand as a new real estate agent? Read on to discover some things that should be considered when you’re building a brand as a new real estate agent.

1. Who Are Your Customers and Prospects?

Take a moment to think about the different connections you already have in your network. What
are some of the common interests or similar lifestyles they share? This could include past co-
workers, classmates, or those you know through social clubs, religious organizations, or interest
groups. Once you recognize your ideal customer, it’ll be easier to determine their desires along
with their pain points that you can help solve.

2. What Makes You Unique?

Now that you’ve identified your ideal customer, jot down some ideas of what makes you
interesting and different than other real estate agents. What are some intriguing personal
qualities or special skills you have that set you apart? Think about the ways that these attributes
or shared interests will help you provide additional value to your clients.

3. How Can Your Brand Be True to You?

Be sure to consider your passion and purpose for doing the work you do. This is sometimes
called your “Big Why” and is rooted in your personal values and ideals. Many consumers make
their purchasing decisions based on emotions, so communicating your “Big Why” through
storytelling and marketing can be a highly effective real estate marketing strategy to resonate with your sphere.

4. How Can You Communicate to Your Sphere Most Effectively?

Using multiple platforms (i.e., direct mail, email, social media) for your communication with
prospects will help you reach them in various ways and stay “top of mind” when they need real
estate services. No matter which methods you choose for your communication, it is essential that you have a cohesive and visually appealing brand with a consistent look and feel.

5. How Do Your Logo and Visual Identity Promote the Brand You’re Building?

When creating your logo and developing your company’s brand identity, it’s important to consider what would catch the eye of your typical customer. While your brand and logo should be visually appealing to your customer, they should also match your own individual personality. Your brand can speak volumes for you, so ask yourself – what message is it conveying? You and your business are unique, so shouldn’t your brand be unique too? Avoid the cookie-cutter logos and unpolished branding by hiring a professional to authentically build your business brand in a way that rings true for you.

When undergoing brand development and creating marketing strategies, it’s important to tailor your message so that you stand out from the hundreds or thousands of other real estate agents in your area. Focus on what sets you apart from them and highlight the connections you have with your sphere in a way that is appealing in both words and design.

Need Help Building Your Brand?

Let us bring your vision to life and build a solid, consistent brand that resonates with your potential clients and gives them a reason to remember you! Consider our branding package for realtors to help you look amazing! You’ll get a new logo design, new social media graphics, and custom designs for all things real estate marketing like listing signs, business cards, thank you cards and more! We hope to get to know you soon and work together on your brand. Love Your Brand

Written by Rebecca Rogers

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