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Three Steps to a Better Business

Give Your Website a Much Needed Makeover

Watch our newest video about how to better engage customers through your website!

Video Transcript:

Hey, what’s up? Dan at Metro Nova Creative here. And today, I want to talk about how to create a successful website.  And that involves three elements right away on that home page. To engage, inform, to build trust and to guide the decision.

So first, we’ll talk about engaging and informing. There’s something you should know about. It’s called Google Analytics. And they track what’s called a bounce rate. And the lower the percentage of the bounce rate, the better. That means somebody has come to your website and they stuck around. Maybe you clicked a few things, read some stuff, maybe filled out a contact form. That’s a low bounce rate. If they get on to your website and they’re there for one second and they leave, they had a bad experience. That’s a high bounce rate. Google tracks that. It helps with your SEO and search engine optimization. So that’s how high you rank in a Google search. So keep that stuff in mind.

And so talking about informing and engaging that first step of website design. What that entails is having a strong, smart design, creating a good user experience for your customers. A lot of people have this misconception that when you hire a website company, you’re paying somebody to custom code website and do all this stuff. The reality is what you should be doing is hiring a graphic design company to create a good user experience on that website. So when your customers land, there’s something visually appealing. It flows really nicely. It’s easy to read on the phone. It’s clear where they’re supposed to go. That’s how you create a good, engaging, inviting website. So that’s that first step.

Now we’re going to talk about building trust. A lot of times What we’ll do is build out a system that’ll feed through Google reviews so that your new customers can see how great a job you’ve done for your current customers. So that’s really important. It’s a great way to build brand trust is showing proof is in the pudding. Check it out. All these customers are super happy. You can trust us. We do a great job. We take this very seriously. Another thing to do is we’ll actually help our clients develop content. So recording videos like this, writing blog posts, all that stuff. And we can display those things on the home page, too.

So now they’re realizing that you’re the authority on your subject. Look at all this great content they have, explaining all these different things, talking about how to create a new website. All that stuff really matters. As far as developing brand trust, it lets your customers know that you take this seriously, that you’re a professional, and you know what you’re talking about. So those are all great things that we can incorporate onto a home page just to immediately get those customers going like, man, I’ve found the right place.

The third thing is guiding them to a decision. The worst thing that could happen is you get that customer on the website. They’re reading your reviews. They’re seeing all these great articles. They’re seeing all this great content. They’re getting the warm and fuzzies. They really feel good. And they go, Oh, wait, now I don’t know what to do. There’s no contact information. There’s no call to action. There’s no Messenger system. So we combat that by creating a strong call to action on every home page as well as every service page, so that if they need to dive deeper and learning a little bit more about a specific service, there’s still the contact form right there. They can easily convert to a lead. Convert to a sale. A lot of times.

We’ll also have easily clickable buttons. Hey, call them now. So if you’re on your phone, you can just click it kind of like copy and then paste it into your keypad thing. That’s a pain in the butt. So we’ll code in so they could just hit the button. It’ll call right there. Well, also, we can go in if you have a Facebook business page and incorporate the Facebook Messenger right into the website. So they can Facebook message you right from your website, if that’s the way you prefer talking to people. So we really make sure that one, they can get in touch with you, and you convert that lead quickly. And two, wherever they decide they need to go next, if it is one of those service pages, or if it’s requesting a quote, because maybe it’s a little bit more in depth.

As for us flexing services and giving an address, we can build out a bunch of different contact forms that kind of give you an in depth concept of that. But the most important thing is we get that customer where they’re going on the website in two clicks or less like that’s the goal for us every time. So, again, inform and engage, build brand trust and direct to a decision or convert that sales. 

So those are kind of three elements that will really help you create a great website that’s going to be a good tool for your business. And we’re here to help you.

So if you have more questions about that, you can visit us at metronovacreative.com. You can Facebook message us from that home page. You can email me dan@metronovacreative.com and follow us on social media for other videos like this.

And if you’re looking at this on our blog post, look below for more education.

Everyone, be kind, be well, have a good day.

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