How Do I Add Coupons to WooCommerce

Basics of WooCommerce Check out the latest in our WordPress basics series, “How Do I Add Coupons to WooCommerce”? In this video we dive into coupons and discounts in WooCommerce. This is a valuable tool for your marketing efforts to track ROI and create customer buy-in. If you’re interested in getting a custom website built […]

How Do I Manage Inventory on WooCommerce

Check out the latest in our WordPress basics series, “How Do I Manage Inventory on WooCommerce”? This video will show how to manage inventory on your WooCommerce system. We’ll walk you through simple product inventory management as well as variable product inventory management. Video Transcript Below: Hey guys, how’s it going? Dan at Metro Nova […]

Logging Into Your WordPress Account

The first video of our WordPress basics series, logging into your WordPress account. Having a custom built WordPress website for your business is super important! Being able to access your dashboard is definitely up there on the priority list. Check out this video about logging into your WordPress account! Video Transcript Below: So today we’re […]

How to Add Calendly to Your WordPress Website

Step by Step Instructions on how to add Calendly to your WordPress Website. Transcript from video: Hey guys, what’s up? Dan with Metro Nova Creative, and today I want to show you how we can embed a Calendly system into your website. So this is something a lot of our customers are starting to use. […]