How Much Does a Website Cost?

Custom Website Pricing The cost of building a website can vary depending on what is needed. Here at Metro Nova Creative, we have a discovery process to help streamline this for you! Additional services such as SEO, content creation, digital advertising, and additional creative services can add to the costs. To get a precise estimate, […]

The Growth Coach – Networking 101

Business Networking Tips 5 Tips to Win at Networking Mike Williams is an established business development professional that has seen his share of networking events. Which means he’s seen his share of networking event failures. If you’re new to a job that requires network marketing or have started a new business, here are some great […]

4 “Real” Self-Care Ideas for Real Estate Agents

As a professional real estate agent, do you often find yourself: If this sounds like you, here’s your reminder to practice self-care! Your happiness and level of success is not measured only by the income produced by your business; it also includes your mental and physical health, your relationships with your loved ones, and a […]

5 Best IDX Plug-Ins for Real Estate Agents

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Even if your real estate brokerage offers website solutions internally, there comes a time when most agents outgrow these “cookie cutter” templated websites.  As a real estate agent, one of the most effective ways to rank highly in search engines is by using a custom-built website with an IDX plug-in.  If you build your website […]

Top 5 Ways Realtors can Grow an Audience

There’s tons of realtors out there to choose from, so how do you make yourself stand out? No need to stress – that’s what we’re here for. Branding is all about connecting with your audience and potential clients. An emotional connection with clients is the start of a relationship with them. Here are our top […]

What are Backlinks?

These days, everyone is looking for ways to boost their website SEO. For good reason, too! Increasing search engine ranking and website traffic is important for your business. Backlinks play an important role in increasing your SEO. What are backlinks, you ask? Backlinks are links on one website that lead to another. Almost all of […]

5 Things to Know About Internal Branding

Internal branding is an important aspect of any company. Think of branding in terms of a business connecting with customers – making them feel a connection to the product. That has to happen for your staff too! Our office at Metro Nova Creative is super laid back and inviting. We do this to make sure […]

Bookkeeping Tips for Beginners

Bookkeeping for your business can be overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting out. It’s easy to forget some steps or make some oversights. That’s why we had a chat with Shelley Kasten from Not Just Numbers, a bookkeeping and accounting firm in Stafford, VA. Here’s a few of Shelley’s bookkeeping tips for beginners! Be careful […]