Get Your Message in Front of Your Audience.

Managing your social media accounts can be difficult when you’re running a business. Let us work with you to create posts and build an audience on the best platform for you.

Why is Social Media so Important?

Social media is the number one way to build brand trust. If you’re connecting with your audience daily with great value, they’re more likely to refer or purchase your product. We approach social media marketing in a way that creates an audience who is eager to interact, feel like they’re connected to your brand, and are passionate about what you do and your mission.

It starts with an audience audit

We want to make sure we’re putting content in front of the right audience. We’ll figure out who your target market is and pick the right platforms to connect with them.

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Then we work on strategy

Now that we’re managing your account for you, we’ve got to know what we’re going to say. Our team does some market research on the best content to provide to your new audience. They’ll be SO engaged!

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Direction and Improvement

Our team works closely together on your project. We create custom graphics when needed and work on copy. Then we look at what worked and what didn’t so we can improve and grow the audience better. We also ask you for a monthly plan so you can let us know if there’s a service or product you want to focus on in the future.

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