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What are Backlinks?

These days, everyone is looking for ways to boost their website SEO. For good reason, too! Increasing search engine ranking and website traffic is important for your business. Backlinks play an important role in increasing your SEO. What are backlinks, you ask? Backlinks are links on one website that lead to another. Almost all of our articles link to another websites page. We do this because it tells Google and other search engines that our content is valuable enough to link to other relevant content. Not sure how to use them? Here are some different types of backlinks to help boost your SEO!

Editorial Backlinks

Editorial backlinks are what you think of when you think of backlinks. They are used in a website organically to link to another website. Say you mention another brand in your post. An editorial backlink can be used to link to that brands website. It’s as easy as that! The green “Nike’s” from our Marketing vs Advertising article is a great example.


Guest Post Backlinks

Guest posting is basically writing a blog post for another website. The article that is published on that website will have links that lead back to your own page. This helps build brand awareness and drive traffic back to your site. Below, Brian Dean guest posts for Inc. magazine.

Image Backlinks

An image backlink is just how it sounds – when you but a backlink on an image. When the user clicks on that image, it will take them to your website. These images could be infographics, logos, employee images, etc. If you click on our logo in Google images, it will take you to our SEO page on our website. Pretty cool, right?

ImageBacklink 1

Review/Testimonial Backlinks

When you leave a review on a website, you can get exposure for your own brand. When the user reads your review, they will be able to click on your name or company name and be taken to your website. Leaving a review not only helps the brand you are reviewing, but you as well!

Now that you know about backlinks, let’s put them to use! Contact us today to start boosting your SEO!

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