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Our SEO clients get the standard monthly reports that all the other guys offer. But one thing we like to do to set ourselves apart is give our clients their highlight cover. This is the first page you’ll see on our SEO reports and it gives you a play-by-play of success and growth. We like to give you the goods right up front, and then if you want to deep dive into the stats, they’re listed on the following pages. You see, we listened to the market when we started our SEO services. We kept hearing from clients that they got these in-depth reports but they made no sense to them at all and so they didn’t even really read them. So we wanted to make sure we gave them some bite-sized data right up front that would ease them into the analytics to follow. Here’s an example of one of those reports.

Physical therapy SEO

So let’s run through some of these stats and explain them for you.


Keywords are search terms that the general market tend to type when they’re doing a search on Google or other search engines. It’s important that we adjust copy to use real-life terminology that someone outside of your industry would use. Remember, the general public probably won’t search for “Fractional off-site administrative professionals” when trying to find a team of virtual assistants for their business.


This one is pretty straight forward. It explains what position you come up in for different keywords. Remember, usually the first few people on a Google search paid to be there, we don’t count those for rank position. And realistically, most of the market know those people paid to be there and might not be the BEST choice for them.


This describes how many searches were made for keywords we’re working on for you.


This number lets you know how many people clicked the link to your website from a Google search of your keywords.


This is a great number because it tells you how many customers searched for one of your keywords, found you on Google and called you from the listed number.

Total Views

The total number of times people viewed your Google Panel after searching keywords.

Google Panel

That’s the little panel of your information found when you search a company on Google. Our roofing client’s looks like this.

Search Bar Discovery

These are customers that searched for a product, category, or service and were lead to your listing on Google.

Search Bar Direct

These are customers who found your listing by searching for your business name or address.

Search Bar Branded

These customers were searching for a brand related to your business in some way. It could be a product that you use in your service. This could also include people who looked up your competitors and saw your listing!

Average Time on Site

This is a great statistic because it allows us a look at the average time visitors are spending on your website. Longer times means they’re searching through the site and checking multiple pages. Maybe even reading the blog posts we’re creating.

Search Impressions

This number tells us the total number of customers that saw your listing on a search. This number excludes repeat views.

Search Clicks

This tells us how many customers did a search, found your listing and then clicked to your site.

Business Panorama mit Diagrammen an Wand vor einem offenen Laptop Computer

Hopefully this article did some good in explaining our SEO services to you. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a long term strategy and is custom tailored for each of our clients. If you’d like a free evaluation of your website and an estimate for SEO feel free to reach out! We look forward to hearing about your business and helping you grow!

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