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Every Door Direct Mail Marketing

EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is a cost effective way to deliver mass mailings to specific neighborhoods. You can use the tool provided by the USPS to build your own route and see the discounted postage rate. Metro Nova Creative can then design, print, and deliver your campaign for you with ease!

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Transcript of video:

Hey guys, what’s up?

So we’ve had some requests lately to

learn about some different marketing opportunities that

we’ve done for clients or for ourselves.

And one thing I kind of wanted to show

you guys is a service through the USPS.

Called every door, direct mail.

It was pretty big a while back.

I think it’s actually going to come back quite a bit.

We saw a lot of direct mail

marketing drop off during COVID because everyone

was just throwing their mail away.

And so if you’ve noticed that maybe there’s fewer pieces

of direct mail in your mailbox, maybe this is an

opportunity for you to try to grab that market share.

So I wanted to kind of

run through every door, direct mail.

Essentially what this is is there’s

two forms of direct mail.

So there’s just regular direct mail where you actually

buy a list of customers and get their address.

And you print a label and it says to

John Doe at 315 Barber Drive or whatever.

This is different.

If you ever get a piece of mail and it

says Local Postal Customer on it, that’s what this is.

So you’re not addressing

the actual person specifically.

What you’re doing is selecting routes on that carrier’s

or you’re selecting a route from that carrier in

the post office and they’re hitting literally every door.

And so you can actually build your own carrier

route and see what the cost is going

to be with their website, the

And if you just do a Google search of USPS,

every Door Direct Mail or Eddm, this will come up.

Make sure you don’t click.

The first few, those are ads.

Those are companies that are going to

try to sell you the service.

We can actually do the service if you want, but

if you just want to see select some different routes

and play around and see what your cost is just

going to be, this is a great tool.

So here’s where we’re at right now. The USPS.

They have their website.

Every door, direct mail.

And essentially instead of paying a higher

postage amount for direct mail, every Door

Direct Mail is a fraction.

So it’s like eighteen cents per per card

I think is what it is right now.

So much lower rate.

So we’re going to click EDDM online tool here.

And then this is everything that comes up here.

So you can do mail piece size checker.

We usually do one that’s like eight by six and

a half or it’s eight and a half by six.

It’s one of those two.

But it’s a really good size.

It’s a nice size postcard and

get plenty of information on it.

It’s not too big and it’s not too small.

So we’re going to start with our

zip code here in downtown Fredericksburg search.

Just give that a minute.

And then as you see all this little

pink cluster and then as you zoom in,

these are all the different carrier routes.

So the actual postal worker, these are their routes.

And as you can see as you’re

hovering over stuff is like highlighting here.

And then it’s adjusting up at the top here, you

can see there’s 566 residentials and there’s 36 businesses.

And so you can even go into this table here.

And if you don’t want to look at the map and

you just run a two table view, you can see all

this stuff here or you can switch over to map and

then there’s ways we can actually even take out the businesses.

So if you just want to hit

residential, we can do that as well.

But let’s zoom in here a little bit

and let’s just pick our first route.

So our first route has 572 total pieces.

We can see that there’s only one drop off.

So if you guys want to print your own

stuff, you can actually just drop it off.

It’ll tell you which post office

to do the drop off at.

Now if you want you can figure out your

routes here and export the route list and give

it to us and we can actually design, print

and mail out all your pieces for you.

So we do a full service on this as well.

But this is just a good way

where you can start building your route.

So let’s pick this one. Let’s see that a little bit.

Let’s pick this one.

Say we want to hit this whole little river area.

Okay, so we’ve got 2155 total pieces, we’ve got

four routes selected and the approximate cost for the

postage, not for the printing and everything, but at

least just the postage, it’s only $400.

So $400 in postage and you’re going to

hit over 2000 people which is not terrible.

And so let’s see here.

There’s some other kind of cool features in here too.

So if we wanted to switch back over to

tables, we got a little bit more information obviously.

So we’ve got route C one, there’s

356 residents in this 179 businesses.

So downtown Fredericksburg is a big

mix of businesses and residentials.

So a total of 435 addresses in this route.

The average age, the average amount of people

between 25 and 35 is 15 size 1.97.

So usually apartments, condos, two people

in place, average income is $66,000.

And then your cost for this route is $81.

So that’s another way if you really want to see

some of this breakdown stuff, you can hit this guy

here and then try to go start at a higher

cost amount and do all that stuff.

So interesting stuff, really good unit.

Next step here.

It’ll actually make you sign up for an account.

I wouldn’t do this unless you’re planning

on doing all the postage and mailing

yourself, you’re certainly welcome to.

Like I said, we can handle it for you

if you guys want, if you want to.

Some things you should be very aware of

is let’s see if we have I think

we’ve only got so in this particular case.

See this post office drop offs here and

says one if you have to do if.

You kind of get expand out a little further, like

in maybe a more rural area, there might be multiple

different post offices and you actually have to bundle all

the cards in like sets of hundred and band them

and slip them and put them in bags and take

them to the different post offices.

So it’s quite a bit of work.

So if you don’t want to mess with

all that, let us handle it for you.

Like I said, we can do the design,

we can do the printing, facilitate the

orders, bundle everything, take care of everything.

That’s full service.

And you just got to pay the

one invoice for postage and everything.

Usually the rule for every door direct mail is you

can do a max of 5000 pieces per day.

So sometimes our customers will say, I’d like to

hit neighborhood one on the first week and then

the next week hit neighborhood two, and then sometimes

they’ll even go back and forth.

So on week one, hit neighbor one, neighborhood one,

on week two, hit two, on week three hit

one again, and on week four hit two again.

So that you’re doubling up.

So there’s tons of different things you can do.

We’ve had customers that we’ve done every door direct mail

for and we’ve actually designed a landing page, built a

landing page on their website so that if that person

gets that piece of mail and they scan a QR

code, it goes to a landing page.

You’re tracking the ROI of that marketing campaign

because they would have only gotten to that

page if they got that piece of mail.

So just some different interesting ways that we can

handle some marketing stuff for you if you want.

If you have any questions, just drop us a line.

metro nova creative . com.

And yeah, I hope you learned something.

Talk to you later. Bye.

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