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Innovation Orange, a leading tech solutions provider based in Orange, Virginia, approached us to revitalize their branding, seeking a fresh and dynamic identity that reflects their innovative spirit and commitment to excellence.

business cards for Innovation Orange

Innovation Orange sought our expertise to revitalize their branding, aiming for a dynamic identity reflecting their Orange, Virginia pride and serious yet fun approach to tech solutions.

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The Problem

Innovation Orange, LLC, a tech solutions provider, faced the challenge of outdated branding that failed to reflect their dynamic capabilities and Orange, Virginia pride. With a desire for a fresh and fun yet scalable identity, they sought a solution that would convey their seriousness in providing top-tier technology solutions to businesses and government agencies.

The Solution

To address Innovation Orange’s branding needs, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign journey. Drawing inspiration from their Orange, Virginia roots, we crafted a vibrant and versatile brand identity that exudes energy and professionalism. By incorporating playful elements alongside bold typography and colors, we struck the perfect balance between fun and seriousness, ensuring scalability across diverse applications. The resulting brand refresh not only captures Innovation Orange’s essence but also positions them as a forward-thinking and reliable partner in the tech industry.

Innovation Orange logo on smartphone case

Brand Identity

In crafting Innovation Orange’s brand identity, our team brainstormed a playful yet powerful logo—a vibrant orange power button—to symbolize the company’s tech prowess and Orange, Virginia pride. Complemented by a palette of dynamic colors, the brand exudes electric personality and showcases Innovation Orange’s commitment to innovation and forward-thinking tech solutions. This cohesive identity sets the stage for a bold and impactful visual presence, capturing the essence of the company’s vibrancy and innovation-driven ethos.


Innovation Orange logo examples


Examples of Futura font

Color Scheme

Innovation Orange color codes

Visual Brand Representation & Print Production

In our efforts to translate Innovation Orange’s vibrant brand identity into tangible assets, we meticulously designed their stationary suite, comprising letterheads, business cards, folders, and embroidered patches. Each element was crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring consistency and coherence with the brand’s energetic persona. By seamlessly integrating the logo and vibrant color palette into these materials, we not only reinforced Innovation Orange’s visual presence but also provided them with the tools to make a lasting impression in both digital and physical spaces.

Innovation Orange stationary and business cards

The Result

The revitalized branding positions Innovation Orange as a vibrant leader in the tech solutions industry, reflecting its Orange, Virginia roots and commitment to excellence. With a cohesive brand identity and newly designed stationary suite, Innovation Orange now boasts a consistent and impactful representation that resonates with clients and partners, setting the stage for continued growth and success.

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