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Fredericksburg Burger Restaurant Branding

Eats, a Burger Joint is located in the heart of Downtown Fredericksburg at the former location of the community-loved Mr. Dees Restaurant. Originally named MD Eats as a nod to the previous business and to connect with the sister company Mason Dixon Cafe, this burger joint needed some lively branding to match it’s amazing food.

Eats wanted a brand that would accentuate the retro vibes of the restored historic building it called home while attracting an energetic and eager local crowd.

Branding Services We Provided

The Problem

Eats was taking over a shuttered business that was a massive part Fredericksburg’s history. There was a need to pay respects to that business and create branding that could work around the features to be restored and kept from the original building. We had to be vintage and modern…not easy.

The Solution

Eats is a fast dining establishment that needed to feel like it’s been ripped straight out of your parent’s shag carpet living room. We created brand assets that use retro graphics to help guide customers through a modern experience. Including a logo identity, website, digital marketing graphics, and signage. The full look comes together to create a perfectly unique brand experience you can sink your teeth into. 

History and Backstory

The brand was meant to recall the original Mr Dee’s building which was a community staple. Much of the building was kept the same out of respect for the history. Many Eats customers today grew up going to Mr Dee’s as kids, now they bring their kids to Eats and sit in the exact same booths that were restored. We used the orange and yellow colors from the roof in the new brand to keep things feeling authentic.

The Original Mr.Dees

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The Journey of Rebranding and Identity Renewal

Our process for crafting a new brand identity based on the client’s existing logo begins with a comprehensive analysis of the current design, extracting key elements that resonate with the client’s vision. We then collaborate closely with our design team to explore various iterations and enhancements, ensuring the evolution of the logo aligns seamlessly with the client’s brand essence. Through iterative feedback loops, we refine and optimize the design, considering color schemes, typography, and overall visual aesthetics. The final stage involves creating comprehensive brand guidelines that extend beyond the logo, providing a cohesive and unified visual identity for the client across various touchpoints.

Logo Identity

Brand Color Scheme

Brand Typography

Restaurant Web Design

We needed to create a user-friendly website for this fast-casual dining spot. This was during the major explosion of store to door delivery and so we needed to make sure that market was considered in the build. Everything from super mobile-friendly menus, to clear “Order Delivery” buttons, and finally QR code signage so customers could order from the parking lot as well as check in for pickup.

Website Design

Featured Web Pages

Visual Brand Representation & Print Production​

We bring the client’s new logo and branding elements to life through a series of dynamic visual representations.  These mockups not only illustrate the aesthetic appeal but also envision real-world scenarios, providing a glimpse into the client’s impactful and consistent brand presence.

Social Media Posts and Promotional Ad graphics

Eats needed to launch it’s brand both on social media, and in the streets which is why we created dynamic and exciting graphics for digital marketing as well as direct mail cards to create a customer list.

The Result

Eats is a massive hit not only in our community, but with visitors to our city. It’s a must-stop in Fredericksburg with great remarks on how cohesive the building looks, the brand feels, and the burgers taste. This brand feels like it’s been around all our lives, like it fits right in. This brand is family.

As Eats continues to thrive with its groovy brand, we invite you to explore the possibilities of elevating your own business.

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