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Case Study

Cooke’s sought our expertise to breathe new life into their online presence. Their vision? A website exuding warmth and homely charm, coupled with a mature brand design that resonates with their audience. In this case study, we delve into how our collaboration transformed Cooke’s online platform, elevating their brand to new heights of sophistication and welcoming appeal.
Cookes Contracting Website Design - Metro Nova Creative

Cooke's Contracting sought an inviting website reflective of their commitment to transforming houses into dream homes, ensuring every visitor feels welcomed and inspired.

The Problem

The primary challenge presented by Cooke’s was the need to revamp their website while maintaining alignment with their existing brand design. This included ensuring harmony with their current merchandise, which had already been meticulously crafted to reflect their brand identity. The task was to infuse the website with a fresh, homely aesthetic while seamlessly integrating it with their established visual elements to create a cohesive and unified brand experience across all touchpoints.

The Solution

Our solution for Cooke’s involved a delicate balance between preserving their brand’s roots and infusing it with new vitality. We meticulously retained key elements that resonated with their identity, such as color schemes and typography, while introducing subtle refinements to breathe fresh life into their online presence. By maintaining continuity with their established aesthetic while implementing strategic enhancements, we achieved a harmonious evolution that honored Cooke’s heritage while propelling them forward into a new era of digital sophistication and warmth.
screenshot of Cooke's website

Brand Identity

In redefining Cooke’s brand identity, we refreshed their color palette with warmer tones and introduced new fonts and color combinations in their website redesign. This revitalized approach retains their essence while adding a fresh and contemporary charm to their digital presence.


Roboto Slab and Helvetica font examples

Color Scheme

Cooke's website color codes

Web Design &

For Cooke’s Contracting redesign, our primary focus was to ensure that the website exuded a homely ambiance, setting it apart from typical contracting company websites. With the client’s specific goal in mind—to evoke the authentic feel of a family-owned small business—we approached the web design and development process with meticulous attention to detail. By incorporating inviting color schemes, and personalized content, we crafted a digital space that not only showcases Cooke’s services but also reflects their values of reliability, trustworthiness, and familial warmth. The result is a website that resonates deeply with visitors, fostering a sense of connection and trust while positioning Cooke’s as a unique and approachable contracting company.

Featured Pages

Before and After

In the “before” phase, Cooke’s previous website failed to effectively showcase their remarkable work, lacking the emphasis it deserved. However, with the redesign, their portfolio now takes center stage, allowing visitors to easily explore and appreciate their expertise. The revamped layout not only highlights Cooke’s exceptional projects but also provides seamless navigation, making it effortless for potential clients to connect and inquire about their services.



Custom Illustrations

Cooke’s Contracting needed graphics that both showcased their work and were visually pleasing on all platforms. Taking real-life reference photos from actual projects, MNC graphic designers were able to create illustrations unique to Cooke’s Contracting. These illustrations have the ability to be used over and over in and can be customized in way’s that stock images can’t.

Brand Design & Merchandise Showcase

When deciding on a business card, Cooke’s opted for a sleek and minimal design. With a matte finish and rounded corners, this card slides as easily into a back pocket as it does into a wallet!

The Result

The transformative changes implemented resulted in Cooke’s acquiring a fresh, mature aesthetic that is poised to evolve alongside the company’s growth trajectory. The revamped website not only exudes warmth but also mirrors the inviting atmosphere that Cooke’s promises to create in their clients’ homes. This cohesive blend of visual elements ensures a lasting impression, setting the stage for continued success and resonance with their audience.

Client Testimonial

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