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Brittany’s Restaurant and Sports Bar located in Woodbridge, VA is a staple for their local neighborhood. They’re a go-to spot for food, drinks, entertainment and to catch the game. When they were ready to update their website, menus, and full branding experience they reached out to Metro Nova Creative.

Brittany's website on computer screen

Brittany's never had a consistent brand as their marketing efforts were DIY for years. They wanted to take a few themes they had established over the years and pull them together for a consistent look across their business' brand.

Branding Services for this Restaurant

The Problem

Inconsistent and unprofessional-looking design made this business feel like a dive bar for years. New ownership came in and wanted to clean up the reputation which started with the interior and moved to the branding. The hardest part was creating a fresh look that didn’t change the original logo which had become a special symbol for local customers.

The Solution

Metro Nova Creative created a new website design and marketing materials for this Woodbridge Sports Bar that felt professional but still like the neighborhood hangout.

Brittany's website on a computer screen

Sports Bar Web Design &

When it comes to local sports bars in Woodbridge, Brittany’s is one of the most well-known. Beyond just touchdowns and cold beers, the establishment is also famous for its amazing food! We needed to build a website that showcased both and was also easy for customers to use to check for events and musical acts coming to play.


Brittany's website on a laptop

Web Page Designs

Food Pattern Design

Our team worked with the ownership to come up with a way to make the brand feel young and playful but also a subtle detail. We put together an icon pattern that can be found throughout the entire brand. Everything from the website to business cards, and to the menus has their pattern included in some way. This ties the brand together visually and created a unified customer experience.

background patten with icons of beer mugs, food, music and sports

Restaurant Print Design and Production​

Metro Nova Creative created marketing materials for this Woodbridge Sports Bar that felt professional but still like the neighborhood hangout. We created new menu designs that were easier to read, especially in the low light of evening service when the house lights were often turned down in favor of the multiple TV screens or live music acts. We purposely created larger bold food titles and prices to make things easier to order or to point to if the music was pumping!

Brittany's Sports Bar has seen an incredible response to their updated branding. If you're ready to discuss elevating your restaurant's brand it's as simple as setting up a consultation! We can't wait to serve you.

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