Navigating Copyright and Trademark for Your Logo: A Quick Guide

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Hey there, logo visionaries! At Metro Nova Creative, we’re all about bringing your brand to life through stellar designs. But when it comes to copyright and trademark, we want to make sure you’re in the know. We’ve got some tips to share about securing your logo design. So, let’s dive in!

First things first – we’re not lawyers, and we don’t pretend to be. Our expertise is in crafting awesome designs, not navigating the legal labyrinth. So, if you’re eyeing a logo design with copyright or trademark intentions, make sure to speak with a lawyer, but we do have some tips!

Communication is Key:

When you’re working with us or any logo designer, it’s crucial to communicate your intent upfront. If you plan to copyright or trademark your logo, let us know from the get-go. This ensures that the design process aligns with your legal goals.

Version Selection and Legal Insight:

Typically, you’ll receive a few logo versions during the design process. Once you’ve picked the one heading in the right direction, it’s time for those revision rounds. If you feel that the icon or wordmark is getting close, it’s a cue to consult with an attorney. They can run checks to see if there are potential competitors or issues with any other trademarked material. If your attorney gives the green light after running their checks, it’s full steam ahead. Finish up the design process, and then you can initiate the filing process for copyright and trademark. Remember, the icon (like the Nike Swoosh) and the wordmark should ideally have their separate filings.

The Importance of Legal Counsel:

We can’t stress this enough – talk to your own lawyer. Every case is unique, and legal advice tailored to your situation is essential. If you have questions about copyrighting or trademarking your logo, your attorney is the best person to guide you through the process.

Designing a logo is just one part of the puzzle. When it comes to protecting your brand, copyright and trademark considerations are crucial. Follow these tips, have open communication with your attorney, and ensure that your logo not only looks fantastic but is legally sound too. Remember, we are not Saul Goodman or Lionel Hutz – consult your own for lawyer personalized advice! Click below to hear Dan’s take!

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