Logging Into Your WordPress Account

The first video of our WordPress basics series, logging into your WordPress account. Having a custom built WordPress website for your business is super important! Being able to access your dashboard is definitely up there on the priority list. Check out this video about logging into your WordPress account!

Logging Into Your WordPress Account

Video Transcript Below:

So today we’re going to learn some of the basics about your WordPress site. There’s going to be a video series, so I’ll make a channel, a whole playlist for this stuff. But today we’re just going to learn how to log into your WordPress site.

So you’ll get whoever your web developer was, should create you an admin account. You can have a username and a password for your admin account. The password that comes from WordPress is a really complicated alphanumeric password. So a bunch of letters, numbers and symbols. It’s actually important to keep that password. You should really keep it either that password or make it incredibly unique and hard to guess.

WordPress gets a lot of attacks and realistically your web provider, your hosting company and stuff like that should have Word fence or some security stuff in there, but you just never know. So it’s important to keep those passwords difficult. I typically will keep either a Google Docs spreadsheet or your little desktop notepad and just have that password saved on there so you can just easily copy paste it, because it’s going to be impossible to remember the crazy like 25 letter alphanumeric password. But yeah, just important to keep it unique. Important to keep it difficult to figure it out.

So the first thing we’re going to do is your going to pull up your website. This is the Mason Dixon Cafe site that we built here at Metro Nova Creative. And any WordPress site you can do Wp-admin, hit enter. And then that will bring up your WordPress login landing page here.

So my username is my first initial last name. And like I said, I saved my password. It keeps that hidden here. I’m not going to show you what the password is, but I save it so I can just go ahead and paste in here. I don’t do remember me, I don’t do the Google password key and stuff like that. It’s just an extra layer of security to just do it this way, but it’s whatever you’re comfortable with.

Go and hit login. Give me a second here. And then this is your WordPress dashboard. So this is the main dashboard for WordPress. And this one we just updated WordPress. And then over here are all the different sections that you’re going to need to be able to get into for all your different plugins and stuff like that.

So you’ll see updates here, four means we have four plugins that we need to update. It’s important to do these things. If you don’t have a professional company handling your maintenance and your updates and stuff, it’s important that you have a hosted platform that actually has backup to the website. Because if you do these updates out of order or something isn’t done correctly, it can actually break the website.

And so it’s important to have backups. It’s important to have some things, if you have a larger website, sometimes people do what’s called a development platform. So they’ll duplicate the site and do all the updates on a different account, make sure it’s clean, and then swap them right. There are a bunch of different ways to go about this, but if you do have a WordPress website and it’s professionally built, you should have a maintenance contract with your developer or an IT company that can handle this stuff for you the correct way.

So, yeah, that’s it. That’s how you log into your WordPress dashboard. Stay tuned for some other videos on how to get into some of these other features. Thanks, talk to you later.

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