Look Great from the Start!

Creating a strong identity is a must have in today’s market. With our identity package we’ll make sure you look perfect across the board.

What is an Identity Package?

We’re going to do a number of things to get your identity and brand going. You’ll get a custom designed logo tailored specifically to your brand and your desired customer. We’re going to help you refine your tagline too if you need one. Then we’ll setup social media graphics for your accounts, and finally you get to pick four deliverables like business cards or a brochure to get professionally designed.

First, we create vision together

Our team sets up a Pinterest board for each logo client where we can work with you to create your vision. You’re part of the team, we want to see what colors speak to you, which photos create the emotional response you want from your brand!

logo design sketch

Then we draw

For us, it’s got to start on paper. If the structure of a logo won’t work with a pencil, it might not be a great product long term. We want to make sure we put some time and thought into this for you.

logo design sketch

Next, we revise

We’ll narrow down the project to the best three options for your brand. Then you pick one that’s heading in the right direction and you get three revision rounds to that logo! Let’s make it perfect.

logo design sketch

Now we finalize

Each logo client gets a logo guide that provides every version of their final logo along with the color codes and font names. We want to make sure you’re successful and impress your vendors moving forward!

logo design sketch

Let’s put that logo on some stuff!

Not only do we setup the profile and cover photos for your social media accounts with your new branding, we create your deliverables for you too! You pick four things and we design them so your brand looks consistent. We can even get them printed for you if you’d like.

logo design sketch
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