How Do I Manage Inventory on WooCommerce

Check out the latest in our WordPress basics series, “How Do I Manage Inventory on WooCommerce”? This video will show how to manage inventory on your WooCommerce system. We’ll walk you through simple product inventory management as well as variable product inventory management.

How Do I Manage Inventory on WooCommmerce

Video Transcript Below:

Hey guys, how’s it going? Dan at Metro Nova Creative and we’re continuing our series on WordPress basics and today we’re going to talk about managing your inventory in your WooCommerce system. So WooCommmerce being the e-commerce system we use for WordPress sites.

So we’re going to go into our products tab right here and for this client we’ve filled up their products for you. We’re going to do two different kinds. We’re going to do one that’s just a standard product and we’re going to do one that’s got variations. So t-shirt, sizes and colors and stuff.

So first we’ll do this really cool enamel pin here. Hit edit. We’re going to scroll on down and just explain these two things right here. So virtual or downloadable products? Virtual meaning maybe it’s just an e-ticket or something like that. Downloadable is if you’ve got a workbook that’s a PDF, you can click this so that you can set up a purchasing thing, after they purchase, they can download their products.

But for this one, it’s a simple product. We’ve got our taxes and everything set up. We’re going to go over here to inventory, click inventory. Make sure you’ve got a SKU set up, if you sell in-person and online. It will be really helpful. And you can check this, enable stock management at product level. And so if you click that it’ll bring this up and you can put in how many you have.

And then low stock threshold is if you need to make sure you restock inventory. You can do storewide threshold. So basically when it gets down to, you’ve only got two left, or you can bump it to whatever you want. So when it comes down to three items remaining, you’ll get a notification as the admin saying, hey, it’s time to restock this item. So you can do whatever you like.

And then sold individually, you can click this if it’s maybe like a limited time item and you want people to only be able to buy one per customer type of thing. So that is how you manage your inventory. And then always go up here and hit update. And then we’re going to go back over here to products.

The next thing we’re going to look at is variation items. So we’ll do this t-shirt here. Same kind of thing, we’re going to scroll on down and then there’s attributes, colors and sizes, and then variations. So here, yellow 2X is a variation. So this yellow shirt and a two extra large. So you’re going to hit this little arrow guy, and under each one of these is that same setup. So you can do stock quantity, thresholds, all that good stuff. As you can see, stock quantity.

Now with this one in particular, you’re going to always come down here and hit save changes after it’s done. And that is how you manage inventory on variation items. And then hit update, obviously, after you finish that.

So that’s it, that’s the basics on how to build all that stuff up. And if you have any questions, drop us a line. Visit us at if you need help building an e-commerce website for your business. Thanks, have a good day.

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