Creating a website isn’t just about making something look pretty and jamming as much copy into each page as possible. That’s old news in this world. Creating a website should be a unique experience that matches your brand. It should create a great user experience as well. People don’t stick around long on a website, you need to guide them to action quickly…like really quickly. As a matter of fact, a great website contains three major elements that will help your potential customer seal the deal.

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Step 1 - Engage to Inform

Don’t get down on one knee yet, but if you do make sure you hit up Chrysella for the ring (some really cool people built their site). When we talk about engaging and informing we mean you have to make it clear right away and with GUSTO what it is that you’re doing for the customer. Check the example below from our own home page.

Full-service, In House Design and Marketing

We never send our client’s work to cheap subcontractors — our team provides all services in house.  You name it, the Metro Nova Creative team of graphic designers and marketers can do it!  

Green Monster looming over city scape - hand illustrated by Metro Nova Creative

Design Services

Marketing Services

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Step 2 - Build that Trust

Look, there’s a lot of bad stuff out in the world. Businesses that have shady practices, products that use harmful chemicals, Nickelback, pineapple on pizza. Don’t you think your customers deserve some relief from the bad stuff? Make your website the relief. They should see things that create brand trust and make them feel comfortable making a purchasing decision! A well designed, responsive site is definitely one thing that will help. But why not hear directly from other customers? We build review feeds into sites regularly that tell your prospects exactly why you’re the right person for the job. Check ours out! And if you don’t really want to read them, you can watch Dan read them in a hotdog costume here.

Another great way to create brand trust and to establish yourself as a leader in your industry is by creating custom content like blog posts that we can implement into your website strategically. For example, we can give you articles about websites on this very good website page just so you know we are for really real good at our jobs.

Website Design Articles

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Step 3 - Guide the Decision

Be the Sherpa to your customer’s experience. You’ve informed them of their journey, proven you can ferry them through the process, now guide them to decision to purchase! A clear call to action is incredibly important on a website. We typically create one on every page. We even create specific subject markers so when the lead comes in to your staff, they know exactly what page the person was on when they filled out the contact form. This helps pre-qualify your lead, and gives your sales staff the opportunity to prepare before contacting the client. UPSELL TIME! So pack a lunch, do some light stretching, and guide the decision to buy! Don’t forget the bug spray.

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