Fredericksburg Creative Agency Wins National Competition to Support Small Businesses

Business owners in Fredericksburg in front of their stores.

Fredericksburg Business Video Project

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners faced substantial hurdles in enticing people through their doors. Stringent lockdowns, social distancing measures, and heightened health concerns created a formidable barrier to foot traffic. The once vibrant and bustling storefronts now grappled with a stark contrast as potential customers hesitated to venture out. Fear of infection and a shift toward online transactions further compounded the struggles. The traditional allure of in-person shopping and the personal touch of face-to-face interactions became overshadowed by the pressing need for safety and adherence to restrictions. Main Street America had a pitch competition to drum up support for businesses during the lockdown, and Dan Craddock (Metro Nova Creative founder) came up with the idea of QR codes that when scanned would lead to a video of the business owner telling their story. This would create an emotional bond between owner and customers, and entice people to come into the doors to learn more. Through this, the community impact on local businesses was shown, connecting businesses to locals in an engaging and exciting new way. 

Business Content Creation

National Awarded Video Project

Fredericksburg was chosen as the winner of the $5,000 grant and the “Scan to Love” campaign was implemented! The “Scan to Love” campaign not only provided a lifeline to struggling businesses during the lockdown but also fostered a lasting transformation in the way communities connect with their local establishments. By allowing business owners to share their stories through QR codes, a profound emotional bond was forged between the proprietors and their customers. The success of the initiative, exemplified by the overwhelming response of over 1000 individual scans, demonstrated the resilience of community spirit. Beyond the immediate impact of keeping businesses afloat during challenging times, the campaign catalyzed a shift in consumer behavior, encouraging ongoing support for local enterprises. Three years later, the enduring success of the campaign stands as a testament to the power of innovative solutions that blend technology with genuine human connection. In the face of adversity, Fredericksburg not only weathered the storm but also emerged with a stronger, more interconnected community that continues to thrive. Don’t forget to support your local businesses!

You can still see all of the amazing videos we shot for our local business owners on the YouTube channel that we set up for the project.

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Client Spotlight: Bohn Mortgage

In this interview with Nick from Bohn Mortgage talks about the partnership between our two companies and their experiences with us so far.

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