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Business Networking Tips

5 Tips to Win at Networking

Mike Williams is an established business development professional that has seen his share of networking events. Which means he’s seen his share of networking event failures. If you’re new to a job that requires network marketing or have started a new business, here are some great tips on how to be successful at your next networking event.

Business Networking Tips
  1. Have a networking strategy and plan (What do you want to accomplish by networking? What is your goal?).
  2. Prior to the networking event, view the roster of those registered or planning to attend the networking event.
  3. When talking with someone at the networking event, find out about THEM and THEIR business first. Listen and ask about their business and journey.
  4. Once you meet someone, think about how you might be able to help them (A connection, a referral, a contact).
  5. Network to build relationships. The bi-product of great relationships is more referrals, more connections, more business.

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