Facebook’s Latest Impact on Businesses


what does facebook’s latest change mean for your business page?
is it time to shut it down?
or is time to push forward?

Author: Dan Craddock
January 28, 2018

Facebook Changed Their Algorithm Again!


Mark Zuckerberg recently released a statement on his personal Facebook page that shook the business community substantially. He said quite a bit about how the world uses his social media platform. He said he wants his team to strive to create the best user experience possible for people all over the world. He wants to work hard to keep things like “fake news” from ruining the fabric of society. He mentioned working towards a solution on outside governments swaying public opinion on local elections. He said that business pages wouldn’t be showing up as much on people’s news feeds!…wait…what?


dear god, mark…


So What Does That Mean?


Well, the idea that Facebook is working on is cleaning up our news feeds. Over time, trying to create less of a billboard of useless content. Have you noticed lately how much of your news feed is covered in business pages, sponsored posts, or targeted ads? Well, Mark Zuckerberg wants that stuff taken to a minimum. He wants your experience to primarily be communicating with actual people, commenting, laughing, hugging, loving, not finding out what kind of shoe you would be by taking that Buzzfeed test. And he absolutely understands that this means people will probably use his product less, and he’s glad. Mark, you’re a real nut.



Do I Shut Down The Page?


For the love of cheese, please don’t EVER shut down your Facebook business page. Facebook, believe it or not, is a business…HEY! LIKE YOURS! It will go through changes, adjustments, puberty, and a Goth phase! Just like any other business, in order to stay in business you’ve got to trim that fat once in a while. This is one of those situations. The platform is bloated with trivial nonsense that is completely irrelevant and damaging to your brain. It’s just turning into the epitome of the idiot box. And so business pages are going to take a hit. No more click bait, no more mindless social shares that are completely nonessential to community.

Well….almost nonessential…

we’ll always have space cat.


So How Do I Business Facebook, if Business Facebook Won’t Facebook? You May Ask Yourself…


It’s simple, my worried internet friend. You have to work harder, now more then ever, to produce content on your page that matters. You have to strive to engage your customers and get them to engage with you. You want shares, comments, interaction, conversation. No more mindless likes and gimmicks. No more “like this post, comment your favorite Spice Girl, share with your cousin in Texas, get a chance to win a free cactus pillow!” PS, cactus pillow is awesome.

I know this may have been a lot of information, and I tried to break it down as much as possible for easy consumption. But if you have any questions about creating a brand, just reach out and ask me! I’d love to help you out and build a branding package that works for you and your budget!

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