eVA registration and SWaM Workshop

SWaM - Small, Women and Minority Owned

Metro Nova Creative is speaking at an event on January 30th at University of Mary Washington SBDC!

Topic: Government Contracting

Are you interested in learning how to do business with the University of Mary Washington and other state agencies? Do you want to register your business in eVA and apply for SWaM certification? Then this workshop is for you.

• 1:00 MetroNova Creative—Benefits of doing business with the state

• 1:30 UMW Procurement—How to do business with UMW

• 2:00 UMW SBDC—eVA registration workshop

• 2:30 Ramain—SWaMLab

Each attendee should bring their laptop and should have scanned all documents needed to register in eVA and apply for SWaM certification before the workshop.

Register here!

eVA registration requires (1) business tax id number and (2) applicable NIGP commodity codes. A list of commodity codes can be found at https://logi.cgieva.com/External/rdPage.aspx?rdReport=Public.Reports.Report9004_Data. Please note that all services start with a 9; all other codes are for products.

SWaM certification documentation requirements can be found at https://sbsd.virginia.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/SWaM-Documents-Required2018.pdf

This event is being held in person only. The address to the office is 1125 Emancipation Highway, Suite 400, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

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