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11 DIY Coffee Tables

Your coffee table can be one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. If you think about it, you spend an incredible amount of time working on it, eating on it, studying on it. You use it daily and quite often. So why not have a coffee table that speaks to your creative side. Check out these 11 DIY Coffee Tables to get you started!


Crate Table
Via – Anything & Everything

DIY Coffee Tables 2

Whiskey Barrel Table
Via – Art of Manliness

DIY Coffee Tables 3

Pallet Coffee Tables
Via – 1001 Pallets

DIY Coffee Tables 4

Antique Window Table
Via – Marty’s Musings

DIY Coffee Tables 5

American Flag Barn Wood Table
Via – vitamin-ha

DIY Coffee Tables 6

Old Door Coffee Table
Via – This Sorta Old Life

DIY Coffee Tables 7

Cable Spool Table
Via – Pink X Stitches

DIY Coffee Tables 8

Bard Door Coffee Table
Via – Oh! Glory Vintage

DIY Coffee Tables 9

Beer Bottle Mosaic Table
Via – True Blue Me & You

DIY Coffee Tables 10

Pallet Coffee Table with Planter
Via Lovely Weeds

DIY Coffee Tables 11

Decoupaged Surface Coffee Table
Via – Mr. Kate

DIY Coffee Tables 12

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