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Download a Blank WooCommerce Spreadsheet

The easiest way to add multiple products into WooCommerce is by importing a spreadsheet. Here at Metro Nova Creative, we have created a blank WooCommerce spreadsheet to help our customers input data easily. The document we provide to our customers is a Google Sheet that includes their custom attributes already populated to make data entry easy. This blank WooCommerce spreadsheet contains the fields that you would need to start importing products into Woo, along with some example products to help you understand what you’re entering:

Blank WooCommerce Spreadsheet Instructions

The spreadsheet we pass on to our customers includes notes on what each field should include. I have included some of those notes here to help you understand the blank WooCommerce CSV file:

Blank WooCommerce Spreadsheet
Blank WooCommerce Spreadsheet Sample


Unique number used by WordPress to identify your product. If you are entering new products, leave this field blank.

If you are updating existing products, this MUST MATCH the ID of the existing product.


Type of product. A simple product contains no choices. If you have a product that will use multiple sizes or colors, you must create a VARIABLE parent product, and at least one VARIATION child product as shown below. Required.


SKU is a unique value for each product used to identify the product. It may contain letters or numbers or -.

SKU is OPTIONAL for variations.


Type the SKU of the parent (VARIABLE) of each variation here. For example, if you have a shirt that has three sizes, you must make a VARIABLE product that contains the description of the shirt and a VARIATION for each size shirt that are linked using this field.


The name of the product. May include letters, numbers ” ‘ or (). Required.

Short description

Short description is usually displayed above the add to cart button. Optional.


Describe the product here. Think about what people will type into Google to look for this product, and try to include those keyphrases and information here. Use lots of detail. Numbers, letters punctuation are okay. Required.

Regular Price

Enter the regular retail price of your product here. Prices are given in the currency of your WooCommerce store. Required.

Sale Price

Is your product on sale (discounted from the regular price?). Put the on sale price here. Not required.

Leave this field blank if the product is not on sale

Prices are given in the currency of your WooCommerce store.


Include the categories your product is found in separated by commas. Make sure that categories are spelled and capitalized the same way each time you use them.

Required for SIMPLE and VARIABLE products (not variations),

Weight (lbs)

Shipping weight of your product in lbs. Required for accurate shipping quotes.

If you are using kg or some other unit of weight, this field will represent that unit WITHOUT CONVERSION.

Length (in), Width (in), Height (in)

Shipping dimensions of your product in inches. Used for UPS or FedEx shipping. Not required.

If you are using cm or some other unit of measure, this field will represent that unit WITHOUT CONVERSION.


Type the URL(s) of your product images separated by commas. Required.

Attribute 1 name

Required for VARIATIONS. Put the Attribute (size, color) here. Make sure the Attribute is capitalized and spelled the same each time you use it.

If your product has more than one attribute, like size AND color, let us know and we will teach you how to enter those products.

Attribute 1 value(s)

Type the attribute value here. For example, if the name in Attribute 1 is Size, you might type Small here.

Make sure Attribute Value is capitalized and spelled the same each time you use it.

Attribute 1 visible

Is this attribute visible? 1=yes; 2-no Required.

Is Featured?

Is this product featured? 1=Yes; 0=No Required.

Tax Status

Is this product taxable? Don’t change this field unless you know your product isn’t taxable.

Tax Class

Tax class is for spcialized tax rates. Usually blank. You may put “parent” in for variations so that they are taxes the same way as their parent VARIABLE product by default as shown.

Visibility in catalog

Values may include visible, hidden, catalog, or search. Visible means the product is available in catalogs/category/archives and search results. Hidden means the product is hidden from catalog/category/archive pages and search results. Catalog means the product is hidden from search but available on catalog/category/archive pages. Search means the product is hidden from the catalog but available in search results.

In Stock?

Is this product currently in stock? 1 = yes, 0=no.


If you are using WooCommerce to track stock levels, enter the current stock level here. Not required.

Allow customer reviews?

You may turn off reviews for this product here. 1=yes; 0=no. Not required.

Purchase note

If you’d like a product-specific note to display on the customer’s invoice AFTER purchase has been made, put it here. Not required.

Download the Blank WooCommerce Spreadsheet

This blank WooCommerce spreadsheet includes the minimum fields I that are essential for our customer catalogs. The spreadsheet includes: ID, Type, SKU, Parent ,Name, Short description, Description, Regular price, Sale price, Categories, Weight (lbs), Length (in), Width (in), Height (in), Images, Attribute 1 name, Attribute 1 value(s), Attribute 1 visible, Attribute 1 global, Is Featured?, Tax status, Tax class, Visibility in catalog, In stock?, Stock, Allow customer reviews?, and Purchase note.

You’ll note tags is not included here. After several years of using WooCommerce on my own stores, I try to discourage my customers from using product tags in favor of attributes wherever possible.

Why use attributes instead of tags?

Attributes are easier to filter by when your store grows bigger. Trust me, it’s easier to set up a good attribute scheme for things like Christmas gift or age groups when you start a project instead of going in later to correct it when you decided you need a filtered or faceted search option for your store.

Too complicated?

Is this too complicated? No problem. Metro Nova Creative can create spreadsheets like this one to import thousands of products into WooCommerce. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your situation and receive a no-pressure quote on creating spreadsheets for your WooCommerce store.

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