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The core visual elements that help create a brand start right here. Your logo design makes decisions for your customers.

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Metro Nova Creative started in 2014 as a logo design company. Business logos were our first real product, and one that we hold close to our hearts to this day. A logo, and a strong visual identity is what tie all of your business efforts together. It’s what gives your customers the  comfort of knowing this is the quality product they have had before. Your visual identity labels everything you touch with your guarantee and builds brand trust in the market. We even offer an identity package if you want to bundle a ton of great products like print design and social media graphics!

Our Process for Logo and Identity Design

First, we create a vision together.

Our team sets up a Pinterest board for each logo client where we can work with you to create your vision. You’re part of the team, we want to see what colors speak to you, which photos create the emotional response you want from your brand!

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Then we break out the pencils!

For us, it’s got to start on paper. If the structure of a logo won’t work with a pencil, it might not be a great product long term. We want to make sure we put some time and thought into this for you.

graphic design service

Now we present to the you and revise.

We’ll narrow down your logo design project to the best options for your brand. Then you’ll work within the project’s scope to get revisions done and a final logo completed.

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Now we'll finalize that logo of yours!

Each logo client gets a logo guide that provides every version of their final logo along with the color codes and font names. We want to make sure you’re successful and impress your vendors moving forward!

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Logo Design: Frequently Asked Questions

A logo represents a business or person. It is an eye-catching way to help people remember your brand. The logo may or may not include an icon that shows what the business does. It often also contains a word mark, which is the font spelling out the brand name.

An icon is an image that represents an action or item, like an open door representing an exit.  On the web, the word icon is also used to refer to a specific type of image that is used to represent sections of text or that is displayed to the left of the title of your webpage in the tabs at the top of your browser window.

Icons are intended to look the same as other icons.  An icon of an apple always looks like an apple, even if it’s a different color or the lines are different thickness.

Logos are unique identifiers for businesses.  Each logo should be unique enough that customers recognize your brand immediately and separately from other businesses.  Because you want your business to stand out, you should use a professional designer to craft a logo for your business. 

We provide our customers with each version of the logo and icon in standard PDF, EPS, JPG, PNG, and SVG file formats in multiple sizes.

If you need your logo in a specific file format or size, just hit us up!  We can provide files in WEBP,DXF, EPS, PDF, AI, or any other file format you need for your applications.

You do!  When your logo is complete, you will receive a logo guide that lists all of the fonts and colors used in your new logo, plus it will show all of the variations of your logo so that your team can keep your products looking the same on all of your materials.

Trademarking a logo is rare for small businesses purely due to the amount of work involved. It’s a long hard road, trust us – our Heart Icon is trademarked. It’s a good practice if you’re planning on growing the business nationally, especially if you’re in retail. Although you can do your own trademarking, it’s suggested that you hire an attorney that specializes in that.

Yes!  Helping businesses create a brand identity with a great logo is what we do best!  We want to hear your ideas — contact us right now to schedule an appointment to discuss your vision.  We will get started right away making your vision into a professional-looking, identifiable logo that shows what your brand values.


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Logo design is our passion at Metro Nova Creative. We love helping businesses in the Fredericksburg area. Get a professional logo designed by our team today!

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