Social Media Marketing in Fredericksburg

It takes time and energy to run those accounts, we've got plenty of both!

Social Media for Business

We all know you’ve got to be active on social media in today’s market. But which accounts do you use? How often do you post? Should you create new original content or share found content? How do hashtags work? These are the common questions we get from business owners constantly. Let us create the perfect strategy and run those accounts for you! If you’re looking for social media marketing in Fredericksburg, Metro Nova Creative’s got you covered!

Social Media Services

Facebook Management

The hardest part of social media is finding the time. Especially when you need to post to Facebook at least once a day. The guidelines and rules are constantly changing. It’s hard to keep it all straight. Let us work out a plan that supports your business perfectly with whatever amount of help you need.

Facebook Advertising

Running ads on Facebook is a fantastic way to drive sales and awareness of your brand. We can create audiences, install Facebook Pixels, retarget ads, and even build audiences for you to use in the future all while putting your products in front of the best customers.

Instagram Management

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for businesses. It’s a great opportunity to tell stories that build brand awareness with visually appealing content. Let us manage your account for your team.

TikTok Management

That’s right! TikTok isn’t just a place to watch funny dances and videos about cats. It’s an awesome platform that can allow you to create a dedicated audience for your business and brand!

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is a great way for a CEO or business owner to show their authority in their space. We can help you create new content like blog posts and schedule the posts for you while also providing value to other business owners that they won’t want to pass up. 

YouTube Management

Video is one of the best ways to provide valuable content to your audience. Making your content easily searchable and managing your channels can be difficult if you don’t have experience and time. Let us setup your channels and create a library of content for you!

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