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Frequently Asked Questions About Website Design

A custom designed, single-page website starts at $1500, a website with a new logo costs $2500, and an average small business website costs about $4500.  Check out our design packages for package pricing, or contact us to discuss the specifications for your e-commerce or other large website.

Well, you want your website to look professional, don’t you?  Then you should hire a professional website designer.  

Our website design team has an incredible 35+ years of experience designing websites.  We know how to build websites that not only look good, but are functional, right down to the code level.  We optimize images, perform basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ensure your site looks great on mobile devices, help you get listed in Google My Business and the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), we choose web-ready fonts, and optimize caching.  Our websites look good and load fast, and you never need to worry that your website will look like someone else’s — we custom design everything in-house, especially for you.

Metro Nova Creative can host your website on our servers, help you setup your email, protect your investment with the latest security updates, or perform monthly tasks to help you build your website’s content or optimize it for search engines. We focus on helping small businesses get custom, professional websites that look beautiful and load fast.

Metro Nova Creative can develop a website in less about a week once we have collected content and photos from you. The process is very fast once materials are collected.  In general, however, our custom websites usually take about 4-5 weeks start fo finish, because we find our customers often need help providing content and images.

If you need a website for an emergency, like perhaps someone goes missing and you need a website to communicate with the public, we can stand up a simple website within hours.  Yes, we are that good.  But most websites take a few weeks to launch.

After building hundreds of webpages, we can tell you that COPY, or the readable text on a webpage, causes most of the delays in producing a website.  We will work with you to develop your website’s copy, and we have a copywriter we can contract if needed. But if you want your website up fast, providing the exact text you want on each page of your site will mean we can build your website in days instead of weeks.

The second thing that slows down a website’s launch is choosing images.  Collect as many images as you can for your website, and have them ready to submit to us when you fill out our web discovery form.  We can use professional images from our library, but selecting the perfect image takes time.  If you have images ready to go, your website design will go much more smoothly.

First, we will collect information from you on our web discovery form. Next, we will create a mockup of the front page of your website in either Adobe XD or Adobe Illustrator. Together we will ensure that mockup has all of the features you want in your perfect website.

Once the mockup is approved, we start the build out on a development server hosted on our business server.  You will be able to watch progress and offer feedback as the site is built out.

After everything is ready with your new website, we will launch your website at your domain.  It takes only a few hours for your newly launched website to be discovered by Google, and then your site is well and truly off!

We promise to make your logos and website “pop”.  Our designs are the poppiest.

You do.  Under no circumstance will we buy a domain or switch it to our control, unlike some of our shady competitors.

Absolutely.  We provide every customer with full administrative access to all parts of their website.  We will never try to take advantage of you by blocking access to your site’s backend.

Definitely!  Our brand-new servers use the latest technology to keep safe and secure, but just to be careful, we back up your website on and offline so that if something ever goes wrong, we can restore your website immediately.

Of course. Naturally we recommend you join the majority of our clients who choose to host their websites with us, but we are happy to design you a professional Metro Nova Creative website to host elsewhere.