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Fraser Wood Elements is a locally owned business that produces high quality and hand crafted wood elements. Everything from custom dining tables to office statement pieces can be found by this local Fredericksburg business. This client needed a custom woodworker website design from a professional creative agency.

Fredericksburg Website Design Company Delivers New Website

What were the challenges your business faced?

Fraser Wood Elements had a website built previously by another company that had become too saturated and bloated. The user experience was really bad as the site was over-engineered and underperforming. The menu system was confusing, the branding wasn’t consistent to the retail store, and the e-commerce platform which was an important part of the website was poorly constructed.

Why did this challenge have a significant impact on the business?

Potential new customers were not able to find the information they needed on the website leading to missed sales. E-commerce sales were really low as well which was supposed to be a big part of the business model after COVID. The physical retail space was also struggling to get new customers in the door to see the furniture available. Local customers were choosing big box competitors simply because they didn’t know Fraser Wood Elements was an option.

How did Metro Nova Creative address the initial challenges?

Our team decided a complete rebuild of the website was the best solution for phase 1 of the project. We needed to strip the website down to its core elements that drove the most revenue for the business. We focused on residential furniture called Fraser Made which allowed the business to showcase custom designs their team could replicate efficiently in their wood shop located in downtown Fredericksburg. We also built a page that showed their commercial furnishing capabilities. This was a previously underserved part of the business but has incredibly high value pieces and a larger than expected customer list. We also created a page that focused on mantles and shelving which is an easy sale and a staple of the business. The last task was to build a smaller, more focused e-commerce store which selected a fraction of the products so that ROI could be tracked easier and customers weren’t overwhelmed. Our key moment was telling the client “Don’t be Wayfair, Be David Fraser.”

How has the project helped the business after completion?

After consultation, build, and planning our client has a clear goal and direction for the project. Phase 1 allows us to build a foundation for the online experience of Fraser Wood Elements. We can use this foundation to create new pages to focus on new portions of the business as it scales. Clearing out the clutter let us see the path. With a freshly built e-commerce system, better load times, Google optimized keywords and pages, our client is on a much healthier path for his business both now and for the future.

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