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Metro Nova Creative Sponsors Downtown Runaround

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Our Team Sponsors Downtown Runaround

The team at Metro Nova Creative is always looking for opportunities to improve our city, and make it one of the best places to live! We are so excited to hear about the second annual Downtown Runaround from our friends at Downtown Greens, Community Greenspace. We’ve decided to sponsor the event, and our team looks forward to participating! Let’s spread the word, and get behind these amazing folks.

Downtown Greens is having its second annual Downtown Runaround March 5- 19, 2022! Last year’s run was a huge success with 190 participants! We are expecting at least 250 this year. 

During the fifteen days of March 5-19, participants are encouraged to run, walk, bike, 

skip, crawl, … a 5k at the gym, home gym, or around the neighborhood. 

Or, if they’re local, they’ll have a suggested route that goes through Downtown Greens and around downtown Fredericksburg, past as many sponsoring businesses as possible. 

The first 250 registered participants will receive a swag bag. All participants who sign up before February 20th will also receive a race t-shirt as well as other garden and sponsor swag! 

Sponsorship details: 

As a sponsor, you will have your name on social media and our monthly e-newsletter. The first 20 business sponsors will also receive their logo on the race swag bag and on our selfie banner! 

$250 Sponsor 

Logo on race swag bag (first 20 sponsors) 

Logo on selfie banner (located at Downtown Greens along the race route, first 20 sponsors) 

Name or business shoutout on social media posts and our monthly newsletter 

Opportunity for a cameo in our promotional video as we stop at your business on the race route (must commit by February 6th) 

Opportunity to add a branded item/ promotional material* to the race swag bag 

2 Swag bags (and two race shirts for sponsorships secured before February 20th) 

*Promotional items must be approved by Downtown Greens for ‘earth-friendliness’ i.e.: recycled material, less plastic, reusable, etc. You’ll find ideas and websites that offer great eco-conscious items attached to this letter. Promo items must be to Downtown Greens by February 25th to be included in the Swag Bags. 

To become a sponsor, hit this link and fill out the form. For more information, email Lydia at lbryant@downtowngreens.org. The first 20 sponsors to register will receive a coveted spot for their logo on the swag bag and banner! 

Example promotional sponsorship items: 

Custom bookmark with seeded paper– 100% post-industrial recycled cardstock, imprinted bookmark with seeded paper [SKU: QB-B, $0.70 each for 250, ecopromotionsonline.com]



Sticky notes– Post-consumer recycled 4×3 sticky notes, full color logo with 

soy ink [SKU: TWI-N-Y-ILD, $0.73 each for 500, ecopromotionsonline.com] 

Malibu sunglasses– plastic-free sunglasses made from wheat straw and polypropylene with logo on sides [Item #PIN21176, $1.91 each for 250, pinnaclepromotions.com] 


Microfiber cloth– high quality custom reusable microfiber cloth, reduces disposable paper towels [SKU: QEY-NEHH, $1.52 each 250 6×6 units, ecopromotionsonline.com] 

Recycled coolie– made of high density recycled, open-cell scuba foam, eco foam is made from 85% recycled plastic PET bottles [SKU: ENOL, $0.95 each for 250, ecopromotionsonlilne.com]

DTGSponsorInfoPdfglasses 1


Jar openers– customizable made of post-consumer recycled tires, maximizes grip for opening bottles and jars and protects surfaces [SKU: ST- D-D, $0.80 each for 300, ecopromotionsonline.com] 


Pocket eco-note keeper– 5×3 spiral bound notebook with imprinted cardboard cover made of 65% recycled materials and paper pages from 20% recycled materials [Item #1055952, $1.25 each for 250, 4imprint.com] 

Promo planter– imprinted earth friendly planters made from rice hull and corn husks, comes with pot, expanding soil disc, seed packet, and instructions [Item #111276-EF-1, $2.85 each for 250. 4imprint.com] 

Bamboo phone stand– durable laser engraved bamboo block with phone slot [Item #162444, $2.49 each for 250, 4imprint.com] 


Promotional website suggestions: www.4imprint.com (very fast turnaround, great customer service), www.greenpromotionalitems.com (wide range of eco-conscious products), www.ecopromotionsonline.com (female owned and inexpensive, sustainable options) 

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