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Fredericksburg Website Designers Feed the Hungry with Donation to Food Pantry

Fredericksburg website designers are feeding the hungry by donating to The Table at St. George’s, a market-style food pantry that operates in Market Square. Metro Nova Creative’s team is grateful to support The Table in its important work feeding those who go without fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Table at St Georges Donation

Metro Nova Creative is a team of website designers dedicated to crafting beautiful websites for Fredericksburg businesses. We treat all our nonprofit, small business, government, and side hustle clients like family. As part of our mission to grow our community, Metro Nova Creative donates a portion of each quarter’s profits to local charities. Metro Nova Creative is committed to strengthening our community by giving back.

Metro Nova Creative Fredericksburg Graphic Design logo

Each Tuesday, St. George volunteers feed the hungry in our area using a unique, above and beyond, market-style approach that allows patrons to pick the foods they need for their families. The website designers at Metro Nova Creative are proud to partner with The Table in its work providing fresh produce every Tuesday at Market Square to needy families in Fredericksburg and surrounding areas.

Find out how The Table is working to help serve the community by watching this video about their important work:

Metro Nova Creative’s team of website designers is proud to be part of the effort to feed the hungry in Fredericksburg. If you’d like to join us, visit The Table at St. George’s to make a donation or become a volunteer.

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