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Fredericksburg Graphic Designers Support Affordable Children’s Tutoring with Donation to The Knowledge Exchange

Metro Nova Creative, a team of Fredericksburg graphic designers, donated a portion of its 2021 Q1 profits to The Knowledge Exchange to support affordable children’s tutoring services.

The Knowledge Exchange Logo

The Knowledge Exchange (TKE) is a 100% publicly funded non-profit in Fredericksburg, Virginia, that bridges the gap between high-performing and low-performing students by providing equal opportunity to high-quality education to the most vulnerable students. TKE believes that quality education is a right, not a privilege, and we at Metro Nova Creative agree with them.

“Quality Education is a right, not a privilege.”

Regarding TKE’s community support effort, Chief Executive and Founder, Jimmy Shing says,

Our country has a system of minimal financial support, which strongly favors families that already have the means to provide, and ostracizes the families that don’t. All of us at The Knowledge Exchange refuse to stand by idly. We are a group of concerned professionals who recognize that high quality education is oftentimes reserved only to those with the financial means to afford it. Too often, students are forced into unfair circumstances due to no faults of their own. This is a fundamental travesty that has plagued this country for far too long.

“We believe everyone is entitled to a high quality education, regardless of background. We provide affordable tutoring and lesson plans at a mere fraction of what for-profit corporations charge. We also offer scholarships to our students, encouraging college enrollment and school retention. Our instructors are driven with a mission to serve, and they have the experience needed to tackle any challenges a student will face.”

The Knowledge Exchange Donation
Metro Nova Creative founder Dan Craddock presenting a check to The Knowledge Exchange

Metro Nova Creative is proud to support Jimmy and his team of volunteers at The Knowledge Exchange in their mission to provide affordable tutoring to Fredericksburg’s most vulnerable students. Supporting efforts like The Knowledge Exchange is just one way that Metro Nova Creative partners with local nonprofits to build a more equitable Fredericksburg.


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