Client Spotlight: Bohn Mortgage

Video Thumbnail: Bohn Mortgage Branding Testimony

In this interview with Nick from Bohn Mortgage talks about the partnership between our two companies and their experiences with us so far.

Capturing Additional Relationships and Partnerships

“Movement Mortgage and Bohn Mortgage Lending are actively working to improve their market share by establishing new relationships and partnerships. Our strategy focuses on several key methods to enhance visibility and engagement:

  • Personal Branding
  • Social Media
  • Video Content
  • Content Creation and Branding

We aim to create engaging flyers, banners, and other materials that increase our presence in the community and foster strong connections with our partners.”

Overcoming Expansion Challenges

“One of the significant challenges we face is increasing awareness about who we are, what we do, and our mission. When approaching new business partners, it takes time to build personal relationships. These partners need to know that we genuinely care about their business and are committed to a long-term partnership, rather than being a transient lender looking for quick deals.”

“To address this, we emphasize:

  • Branding and Brand Awareness: Letting potential partners know our vision and goals as a business.
  • Consistency and Reliability: Demonstrating our dedication to supporting our partners through both good and tough times.”

Partnering with Metro Nova Creative

“I first met Dan, the owner of Metro Nova Creative, at a real estate event where his marketing setup impressed me with its cohesive and clear branding. This encounter led to a fruitful collaboration where Metro Nova Creative helped us with our branding needs.”

Initial Impressions and Collaboration

“Dan’s vision for branding, with cohesive color grading and presentation, showed me that he could help businesses across industries create strong, unique brands. After several discussions, Metro Nova Creative’s service and communication proved to be excellent.”

Branding Materials and Impact

“Our initial order from Metro Nova included stand-up banners and yard signs for realtors to use at various properties. Metro Nova Creative didn’t just handle the printing; they helped us develop a comprehensive branding strategy with a distinctive color scheme that stood out while aligning with the overall Movement brand.

  • Quality Materials: The banners and signs were made of high-quality, durable materials.
  • Innovative Features: Incorporating QR codes that directed users to different websites, enhancing versatility and functionality.

For instance, at a recent open house, we used the banner’s QR code to link to a sign-in sheet, showcasing the practical benefits of Metro Nova’s creative solutions.”


“Working with Metro Nova Creative has been an amazing experience. Their ability to develop unique, eye-catching branding while maintaining the integrity of the Movement brand has significantly contributed to our marketing efforts. The materials they’ve produced have not only been effective in increasing our visibility but also in enhancing our engagement with the community and our partners.”

Video Thumbnail: Bohn Mortgage Branding Testimony

Client Spotlight: Bohn Mortgage

In this interview with Nick from Bohn Mortgage talks about the partnership between our two companies and their experiences with us so far.

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