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Fredericksburg Web Designers See Clear SEO Strategy for Local Window Tinting Company

Local window tinting company, Action Window Tinting, had an older, unmanaged website that was not getting results for them in Google. Parts of the website broke, which frustrated customers and the business owner.

Not only was the website breaking down, but as Action Window Tinting has grown their website did not. AWT could not scale their business to reach markets in Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Fredericksburg as they expanded. They needed a website design team with Search Engine Optimization skills and the ability to design sites that look professional and function flawlessly, so they chose Metro Nova Creative.

Our web design team built a mockup that showcases AWT’s unique style and excitement. Check out how it turned out!


After consulting with AWT to determine needs and pain points, we determined that a contact form using conditional logic would solve AWT’s problems. AWT offers several types of window tinting, including residential, automotive, and security, and a different member of their team handles each type of inquiry. Metro Nova’s web developer created a single custom form that dynamically changes entries according to the type of service requested, and directs those inquiries to the correct member of the team. Not only that, Metro Nova Creative designed a custom email template that matched the old website to avoid confusing the less technical members of the team with a new, possibly confusing, system.

Because AWT chose our SEO package, the team worked carefully to optimize the website for mobile devices and local Google searches. We named and tagged images to help Google find AWT and place it in our local area, and we adjusted text on each page to match keyphrases that would help customers find AWT.

Measurable Results

The SEO strategies have worked, and Action Window Tinting is seeing an increase in Google rankings and targeted visits. More users are completing the form to get quotes for their state of the art window tinting. AWT now has a slick-looking, fully functional website that provides a better customer experience and can grow as they do. Everybody wins!