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Website FAQ Series – Domain vs Hosting

Listen to Dan pit Domain vs Hosting head to head, like battle royale.

Check out the first video of our FAQ series, where Dan answers all the questions that keep you up at night.

Domain vs Hosting Video Transcript:

Hey, what’s up, Dan at Metro Nova Creative here and today we’re going to answer some questions about web design. So we get a lot of FAQs from clients, and I thought it’d be nice to make some content get on our website, get on our social. That just kind of runs through some of the basic questions we get. So first up in our website FAQ segment is “what is the domain name and what is hosting?” What’s the difference between domain and hosting? We get a lot of clients that really aren’t sure and if you don’t do this for a living, then, Yeah, you wouldn’t know. And so the easiest way to kind of evaluate what the meaning of the two are and how they kind of work together is to think about your user experience being like you going on the Internet and looking at something as kind of a triangle, right? So at the top of the triangle is you the user. You are going to type in a domain name, www.metronovacreative.com You type that in, that’s the domain name. It’s the Registrar, DNS, name, the domain name. That’s all kind of the same thing. So if you hear people talking about Registrar or Domain Registrar, domain name, DNS, that’s the same thing.

You can buy a domain name on GoDaddy or Namecheap or any of those out there.They have a lot of add on services that sometimes you might not need. So if you have any questions about it, you can ask us, we don’t specifically buy domains and manage them for our clients. And the reason being is because we really believe that a business should manage their own domain. God forbid, if I get hit by a bus, we go out of business or something like that. The new company loses their domain name, and then you’re in a bit of a mess. It’s really important that you create your own account on GoDaddy or Namecheap or any of those domain servers, service providers, and go ahead and buy your own domain name. Leave your credit card on file and set it to auto renew. That way, you don’t have to mess with it. You don’t want to worry about it. A lot of times, if I’m buying a domain for project, I’ll just buy it for five years upfront, save a little cash and then put a credit card on file and leave auto renew on. A lot of your domain name providers will actually have a feature. that says protection. What that means is if your credit card expires and you forget or something like that in your domain name lapses, they’ll give you a little bit of a Grace period and let you know, like, Hey, you got 30 days. Go ahead and maybe update this. So that’s not a bad thing to look into as well.

Yeah, so kind of back to the experience it all. You and the user type in metronovacreative.com and hit enter. The domain register or whether the main name is living. Immediately. Microseconds. Reaches out to the host. The hosting account is where all the files and images and all that stuff that make up the website. That’s where they live. Think of that as like a folder. So the domain Registrar has said, Hey, somebody just typed in our domain name. What are we supposed to show them? And the host immediately brings up the right page and all the information. Right? So it’s the three away aspect of view. The user types in the domain. Hit, enter. The domain, contact the host, and the host brings up the right thing for them to see. So that’s kind of the easiest way to explain the difference between domain and hosting and what the responsibilities are for those different things.

And we do provide hosting services for our website clients. So if we do a custom WordPress build for you, you don’t have to worry about managing it on your own. We’re here. We do provide support and hosting services updating, plugins content creation, all those good things for our web clients. If you need some help with the domain, we can certainly walk you through it and be happy to work with you there, too. To make sure you do the right thing. You can get in touch with us to find out more about our web design services at metronovacreative.com. You can email me dan@metronovacreative.com and follow us along on social media. And we’ll put out some more content videos to kind of help answer some of your questions and hope to talk to you soon. All right. Be well. Later.

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