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The Top 5 Inspiring Women-Led TED Talks on Business

Inspiring Women

The top 5 women-led TED talks we found about business.

Author: Grace Sovine
December 26, 2018

Top 5 TED Talks Women 1

It’s amazing the resources we can find for free online these days. And – let’s face it – TED is one of the best sources of information and inspiration from leaders in technology, education, and design across the world. From biochemistry talks to talks led by spoken word poets, the library of information, while useful, can be overwhelming. To make your lives easier, we’ve compiled the top 5 TED Talks on how to successfully run your business, all from women speakers making a difference.

5 ways to kill your dreams,
by Bel Pesce

I know this doesn’t sound very inspiring, but believe me, it is a great listen! In this short talk, Pesce breaks down some of the top, easy-to-believe myths that prevent dreams from coming true. Check it out to see if you are stopping yourself from succeeding by buying into these myths.

What it takes to be a great leader,
by Roselinde Torres

As a student of leadership studies myself, I’ve always appreciated the importance of great leadership, especially when it comes to businesses. This 10-minute talk breaks down leadership into three crucial questions we should be asking to thrive as leaders in the future.

How to manage for collective creativity, by Linda Hill

Creativity is key for innovation, but how do you facilitate creativity in your day-to-day life? Led by Harvard professor, Linda Hill, this talk stresses the importance of creativity in a company – and not just creativity from those who you would expect.

Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume, by Regina Hartley

Odds are if you run a small business – or are hoping to run one someday – that you will eventually need to hire employees to help as the company grows. Hartley speaks to the dangers of hiring the perfect candidate and ignoring those resumes that may be less-than-ideal. Those whose lives have not been set up for success – the “Scrappers” as she calls them – are the employees that will know how to adapt and overcome adversity.

Don’t fail fast – fail mindfully, by Leticia Gasca

A wonderful sentiment that you’ve probably heard before, Gasca focuses this 12-minute talk on the importance of failure as an opportunity for growth. More often than not, our ideas don’t always work out, but instead of sweeping our failures under the carpet, Gasca encourages business owners to “fail mindfully”. Metro Nova Creative wants to help keep the inspiration going. Are you a woman, veteran, or minority in business? We would love to support you and help your business grow.

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