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Landing Page vs Mini-Site

What’s the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Mini-Site from Metro Nova Creative?

People often ask us what the difference is between a landing page vs mini-site. It’s an important question for anyone looking at getting a website built. Knowing the difference between a landing page, which is focused on marketing, and a mini-site, which is focused on a starting point for your business, is really important! Check out the video below to learn the difference and find out if either product would be good for your business!

Landing Page vs Mini-Site

Video Transcript Below:

Hey, guys, what’s up? So we’ve had some questions lately because we offer a thing called a mini site, which is just a one page custom WordPress website. People say, yeah, that’s great, it’s a landing page.

It’s not a landing page. It’s a mini site. It’s a one page website. People go, what’s the difference? Well, it’s important to know. A landing page is typically something that’s used for marketing purposes, and it’s a single page that exists within a larger website normally, and it’s typically hidden from the menu. So you use it for maybe like a Facebook ad campaign or even an every door direct mail campaign.

We’ve done one for a client where we send out direct mail postcards, and they went to a neighborhood, and if they scanned that postcard, they got 10% off of service. But when they scanned it, it pulled up a

landing page that was specific to that campaign. And we built it that way so that the customer can track the ROI on that marketing campaign.

So think of it this way. The landing page typically is a temporary use. It’s a small one page system that usually exists within a larger website. And its specific reason is to track an ROI or for marketing services, like a marketing campaign or something like that. It’s a landing page you land on.

Now for a mini site, which is what we provide to our clients that aren’t ready for a full website is just a one page website that includes the call to action, maybe a list of your services and customer testimonials, a great contact form, all the things that you’ll need in a larger website.

The reason we do many sites for clients that aren’t quite ready for a large site is because a lot of businesses think they need to get a five or six page website to look professional. And the reality is if you’re younger in your career or you’re starting your business out, you might not even know what all your services are. So we’d hate for you to have to bill time to build out all these service pages. And maybe six months down the road, you realize we’re not even really offering that service anymore. Because the reality is the market will tell you what your services are.

So if you’re a newer business that you want to look professional and you want a custom website, a mini site is a great option for you. If you’re an existing business or you’ve got a larger website with us, talk to us about the landing page because we can run a marketing campaign and see how things are going for you.

So if you want to learn some more information about either landing page or a mini-site, just drop me a line. You can visit us at metronovacreative.com, find us on all the social media channels and yeah be kind be well, looking forward to talking. Bye.

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