Help Support Fredericksburg Small Businesses.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, many local small businesses were forced to either close down or greatly decrease operations. For a small business even one or two weeks with limited or no revenue can be disastrous. Local economies run on the backs of small businesses. These are our sisters, brothers, neighbors, loved ones, children. These are the faces that create our community.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Illusions Wraps, and Pressed for Ink to create the Love a Burg Biz care package. Each purchase of a shirt and sticker will directly fund the purchase of a gift card from a Fredericksburg business. It may not seem like a lot, but these help tremendously with cash flow and can make or break a small business. Please help support us all in this time of hardship.


Just as a reminder we have to make sure we’re being safe and our team is kept safe. We have supplies on hand, but future orders may be delayed if warehouses are forced to close. We will get items out as quickly and safely as possible! Thank you for your support.

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