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What is a Brand Story?

What is a brand story? A brand story is a personal, emotive narrative about your brand. A good brand story allows a company to differentiate themselves from the crowd by giving customers something to reflect upon:

“Oh, I love working with Dan at Metro Nova Creative. I don’t know anything about graphic design or social media marketing, but Dan has really helped my small business look every bit as professional as the big dawgs.” 

Now that you can answer the question “What is a brand story?”, you probably want to write your own. We’ve got you covered! Learn how to write your own brand story by following the step-by-step instructions below.

How do I write my Brand Story?

We know it’s hard to toot your own horn, but the marketing experts at Metro Nova Creative can help you write a compelling brand story that connects you with your customers. Here’s how:

What is a brand story?

You can write a compelling, emotive brand story by naming the problem, tooting your own horn, including concrete examples, being personal, and sharing how you do good. Let’s partner together and do it!

Step One – Start by naming the problem

Your brand story began with a PROBLEM you knew you could solve with your business or service. When you write your brand story, start by naming the problem you identified and how you solved it through grit, determination, or mad skills.

Step Two – Toot your own horn

Share why your business is important to your customers, and most importantly, why your business is important to you. Highlight the successes of your company on every front. Talk about new products or services coming out, and the ways they’ll impact the community. Do you have any important projects coming up? Tell us about it! Toot, toot!

Step Three – Include concrete examples

Next, include CONCRETE EXAMPLES of how you — an underdog — defeated the odds to correct the problem you identified. This is where you can tell the story of your company’s journey, climaxes and pitfalls, all the way to where you are now. Was the idea for your company a lifelong dream? Did the recession put you through hard times that you persevered through? Customers love knowing the story behind the product.

Step Four – Be personal

Include the NAMES of your business founders, the timeline of founding, and be PERSONAL. 

Step Five – Share how you do good

Do you give a portion of your profits to charity? Do you offer discounts to veterans or students? Do you manage fundraisers for community groups? Share these good things with your customers.

Sample Brand Story

In 2016 the founder of Metro Nova Creative, Dan Craddock, was working in a sweat shop — er, sign shop — in Fredericksburg, Virginia, when he realized how few local businesses had access to great graphic design. Using his connections with local businesspeople, Dan began connecting with his friends who offered amazing products but did not have funds to hire a full time graphic designer to offer his services.

By building personal relationships and providing top-quality design products, Dan’s one-man-show has grown to include a team of graphic designers, SEO experts, marketing gurus, and gifted artists who build beautiful websites for their clients all over the world. Because he takes the time to know each business owner personally like his early clients, Dan creates beautiful logos and websites that express what’s unique about each client in a compelling, professional, beautiful way.

Though the company has grown beyond anything Dan imagined back in the sign shop, Metro Nova Creative has not neglected its community roots. Every quarter, Metro Nova Creative organizes a fundraiser for a local charity, and donates both time, personnel, and quality design to worthy causes throughout the Fredericksburg area.
Join Dan and become a part of the Metro Nova Creative partnership, making Fredericksburg and the world just a little bit more beautiful.

Now that you have a brand story…

Fredericksburg graphic design

… you need a place to share it! Contact Us to find out how we can help you share your story on social media through compelling videos and social media posts, or partner with us to design a gorgeous website featuring your brand story.

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