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The Importance of Internal Branding

In today’s world, it is so important for your brand to be cohesive and united both internally and externally. That means consistency across the board, having a clear and concise mission that is known universally to your clients, your industry peers, and your team of employees & partners. Your team should be clear, committed, and aligned to the company’s vision, understanding the how and why of the branding chosen to represent your organization.


Internal vs. External Branding

External branding is all of the parts of your company that are visible to the public. This includes your logo, the colors used in your branding, the company’s social media, your website, brochures, etc. These visual representations of the company are combined with your standards and the experience you project onto your clients to create your public & external brand.

Internal branding is a tool used to get your team to really believe in the company, know and adopt their values, and use this appreciation, respect, & knowledge to represent the company to the best of their ability. It helps them deliver goods and services in a way that leaves a lasting and positive impression on the customer and separates you from the competition.


Why Does It Matter So Much?

Internal branding creates a sense of identity within the walls of your company while mirroring what your company is doing externally, allowing your employees to feel that they are truly part of something. It makes a difference in how they interact with and treat customers, and guides them in the direction that best aligns with the company’s goals and principles.

 It is also imperative that companies listen to the needs and beliefs of their employees.

Just 23% of U.S. employees strongly agree that they can apply their organization’s values to their work every day, according to Gallup, and only 27% strongly agree that they “believe in” their organization’s values.” Gallup

If a company isn’t including the employees as part of their brand and their core standards, then it may struggle down the road. Internal branding should inspire loyalty and add an emotional investment into the wellbeing of the company while simultaneously inspiring creativity, drive, and innovation.


Getting started:

  • Define the company’s mission and values – make sure they are clear and straightforward with no room for misinterpretation
  • Create printed materials that include all of the branding, the mission statement, & your company standards
  • Include employees in the development – ask for feedback and suggestions, poll the group and discover key standards they believe in and will stand up for
  • Invest in a personalized employee experience – treat employees as individuals and get to know their goals and aspirations
  • Appreciate, recognize, incentivize, reward – have a plan for keeping the brand at the forefront and ensuring the employees remain engaged & hyped about the brand


If you have any questions about internal branding, we’re happy to help. Ask us about getting started with a personalized capability book for your company!

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