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Sunken Well Rebrand

When a local Fredericksburg favorite reached out to our team requesting a new logo and website build, we knew we needed to make it perfect! The Sunken Well Tavern is located in an amazing neighborhood just outside of the main downtown Fredericksburg area. Its clients are feverishly dedicated to their local spot, where they truly embody the slogan of Eat Well, Drink Well, Live Well. The Well, as it’s lovingly referred to, provides an amazing mix of culinary gems, visually stimulating decorations, and drinks that keep bringing people back. It’s a unique experience and needed a unique identity. They contracted our shop to design their new logo, support graphics to help with their curbside and delivery part of the business during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a new website that would unify their new brand, and make for a better online experience for their customers.

First we created their new logo and identity set. We wanted to use a design that felt unique, hand made, like a family business. But it needed to be flexible enough to adjust for multiple platforms and uses. We incorporated the building front into the design as the facade of the Sunken Well is as unique as their Ribs and Waffles.

First we have the full logo design which is the primary design used for most materials and applications.


Next we have an alternate logo which can be used with or without the tagline addition and can be used on a smaller item.


We also wanted to create a standalone icon that can be used on a number of things like staff shirts or promo products. This single icon over time will represent the brand in a way that is instantly understood.


All logos should work as a single color item, here we show the full graphic in white. This will help keep production costs low in the future for garments and promotional items.


Here’s a snapshot of the new website we designed for Sunken Well. It provides their customers with a clean, modern introduction to their brand and easily navigates them to where they need to go.

sunken well site@2x

Check out a more interactive look at the completed website project!

We love getting to work with small businesses to help them grow their brand and their business. If you need help with a new logo, website, or marketing don’t hesitate to reach out!

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