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Naming Your Business Baby

Naming your business is as important as naming a baby! (Luckily this baby doesn't poop every fifteen minutes...)

Naming your business can be as stressful naming a baby! (Luckily this baby doesn’t poop every fifteen minutes…)

Naming your business can be overwhelming! Here are some tips from the marketing experts at Metro Nova Creative:

Video Transcript:

Hey, guys, what’s up? So something a little bit different today. We’re going to talk about naming your business. It’s not something you normally think about with logos and websites and marketing and stuff like that- But it’s a really important part of branding. And there’s actually some really crucial steps that you should consider while you’re going through this process.

So when you’re naming your business, you should really maybe write a list of ten things, run through it, narrow that down to, like, five, and then really start kind of using the names, like in a conversation, do a little role play, like, try your name out. Like, if you are starting a daycare. Right.

Naming Your Business: Ask a professional for help

So I actually do consulting to help people choose names and businesses. And so a lot of times what I’ll do is try it out in a conversation. So we helped with an educational program called Brain Fit, and I was like, hey, hey, where do you take your kid for that training where they helped with the reading? Oh, Brain Fit! It it’s right over there. It’s great.

So try the name out in conversation, see if it fits. Makes sense. Imagine people actually using the name really important step, and then you’re gonna go ahead and register with the State Corporation Commission. So after you’ve narrowed it down and you pick the right name, go to the State Corporation Commission. We’re in the state of Virginia, and so ours, you can actually look and make sure there’s nobody else named that already. Go through the steps in the processes, set up your LLC. That’s the way we’ve done. Metro Nova Creative here in the shop.

Naming Your Business: S Corps & LLCs

S Corps are really great if you’re a small business and you plan to have a few employees on payroll anyways. So you go through those processes. Now, what happens if you pick a long name? And if you realize after a while, your customers don’t want to save that entire name, and they’ve just naturally started using a shorthand version of your business name. And now that has become part of the whole company kind of brand and everything like that. Right.

We’re a really good example of that. So I actually registered back in 2014 or 13 or whatever it was Metro Nova Creative Solutions LLC. So that is actually our entire legal entity name, Metro Nova Creative Solutions LLC. I got really tired of saying all of those words, and I didn’t want to have to type in that domain. I started kind of in casual moments, saying Metro Nova Creative. And then our customers started saying Metro Nova Creative. And then our logo dropped the Solutions part. So all these things kind of happened naturally with the name. Right.

And you might think, but that’s not what my LLC name is. Well, that’s where a fictitious name comes in handy. So you can go to that the same state Corporation Commission website and look up fictitious name. You’ll have an account already for your Corporation. Right.

So you go in there and there’s an option instead of a fictitious name or trade name. Same thing. And so what this does is files with them, letting the state Corporation Commission know that you also go by this name. And this is how you will be doing business moving forward. So you still maintain the LLC with a little note on there that says, like, but sometimes, just so you know, for reference, most people just call a Metro Nova Creative now.

Yeah, I thought it was just an interesting thing that maybe you like to know a little bit more about. If you need help finding a new name for your business and then creating a logo and a brand guideline for that, or helping with the website or anything like that, you can feel free to schedule an appointment with us. We do consulting for that type of thing. But, yeah, I thought it was really valuable information.

And also, by the way, you don’t have to put LLC on all your marketing materials. That’s only in legal documentation. Your logo doesn’t have to have the word like the initials LLC on it. Just let you know don’t have to do that. You won’t get in trouble. It’s only on government documents. Or if you do any contracts, I think the then it’s appropriate, but not on everything else.

So, yeah, there’s a little bit of information for you. Hopefully it helps somebody out and everybody behind you.

Well, have a good day later.

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