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Love Your Brand Series – Megan Lee

Designs by Megan

An interview with the founder, Megan Lee.

The Love Your Brand Series will be our way of spotlighting our clients and giving them an opportunity to tell their story a little bit. It’s a great way to learn, connect, and get inspired by the entrepreneurs and business owners that have already started their journey. We hope you enjoy the series!

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Megan Lee is the founder and creator behind Designs by Megan, a custom home decor company producing some of the absolute coolest signs and decals to spiffy up your space. Check out what she had to say about her journey!

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Question 1: Where did you grow up and what was it like living there?

I grew up in what I would consider the best place ever! My family has lived in Rappahannock County for generations. My ancestors many years ago were forced out of the Shenandoah National Park, and placed on resettlement property in the county to continue farming and raising their family. The property is still farmed by my great uncle with help from my parents. The family history that the property has will forever be why I love Rappahannock!

Question 2:What was your favorite school subject or activity in your teen years?

I throughly enjoyed my time spent at school. I became a student athlete when I was in 6th grade and to be able to participate in sports you had to receive good grades. When I was at school my focus was studies and after school I committed most of my time to basketball and softball training. Sports consumed a large part of my time but it was really who I was back then.


Question 3: What were you like as a teenager?

I have always been very family oriented. Every Sunday growing up we went to my Great Grandmother’s house for lunch. I always found myself in so much of a routine. When I wasn’t spending time with my family I was dribbling or pitching to become a better athlete.


Question 4: What was your first job and what did you do there?

My first job was actually after I graduated form High School at the Tractor Supply in Warrenton. I actually really loved working there. I was a cashier and I was in the stage of my life where I went to work and then went out with friends afterwards. While working there I never really realized what I was learning but looking back now I learned a lot about money management, customer service, and established a great relationship with almost all of the employees there. 


Question 5: What was your worst job and why?

I am not really sure if I should call this a weakness, but something that has always come into effect with my jobs are my emotions. Of course we all want to be treated well but I really take it to heart when people are only out for themselves. I always want to bring the others around me up, and see them succeed. It is something that is very doable and sadly at my last job they were unable to do that for me in return.


Question 6: What life event made you decide to start your own business?

The reason why I started my small business is 100% because of Michael, my boyfriend. Before I met Michael, I was told to go to college, get a job that will support you for the rest of your life, with good benefits and you’re set. I never thought that there was anything else out there for me. Starting a business just seemed like such a huge jump, and before him I had no idea how to make that jump. I think surrounding myself with another entrepreneur for the first time made me realize I can do this. I don’t have to commit 40+ hours a week to someone else’s dream that doesn’t involve me in the larger picture. So I made my own dream and each day I work a little bit harder on it.


Question 7: Tell us what your business is, what it does, etc.?

Designs By Megan does multiple things. When I first started out I was locally making personalized signs for people to add to their home décor. During my next few months in business I expanded to making fun little decals for people’s vehicles, tumblers etc.. As I continued to grow locally I made the leap to set up an online Etsy account and started shipping my personalized signs and decals all over the world!


Question 8: Why do you love your brand?

My brand gives people meaning. It allows them to express themselves wherever they are.


Question 9. Pizza or Tacos?



Question 10: Saturdays or Sundays?

Sunday, everyone needs a day of rest.


Question 11: Summer or Winter?



Question 12: Netflix or HULU?



If you want to find out more about Designs by Megan or check out her great products, check out her online store!

Metro Nova Creative created the logo for Designs by Megan!

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