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Internal vs External Branding

Branding matters across the board for a business. Not just for the clients but for the employees and partners as well. Staying consistent both externally and internally creates a sense of unity with the customers and the business as well as within just the team itself.


External branding is more commonly known. What is it? It is the gigantic billboard for your business, advertising who you are, what you do, and why you do it to the world. It connects your targeted audience to your product or service. It convinces customers that they are in good hands with your company and creates relationships with clients. It is your company and your brand and your customs and philosophies out there for the world to see. 


So then what is internal branding? It’s the branding of a business that only the insiders (owners, partners, managers, employees, etc) get to see. It is the uniformity of things such as the mission statement, employee handbooks, office protocols, vision, and team building. If everything within a company falls away from the brand guidelines just because the clients won’t see them, internally the business starts to feel jumbled, chaotic, and sloppy. Team members won’t feel the security of the company as a cohesive entity and this may result in employees feeling like they aren’t part of an actual team or knowing who/what they are representing. Ensuring that your core identity is evenly displayed internally unifies the business and propels it towards success.


External and internal branding should be aligned to one another, not competing with each other. They each have their role to play for your business. One is more focused on presenting your business to the outside world and the other is creating a space that makes employees and workers feel loyal to the company, enhancing your (and therefore THEIR) chances for success and teamwork.

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