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How to write copy for your website

How to write copy for your website

You’re a lover, not a fighter, and that’s why you don’t mess with writing. We get it — it’s tough to find time to write copy for your website when you are busy running your successful business. We can help.

After building over one hundred websites, Metro Nova Creative has the expertise and experience to show you how we write copy for our client sites. Let us teach you how we use an outline to write copy for websites that includes SEO optimized keyphrases, so we can increase traffic to your website and provide the best user experience for customers:

It pains us to say it, but your high school English teacher was right: outlines are the best way to organize information.  In fact, Google expects to see text that is organized in outline form, and we can help you provide Google what it wants by using an outline of your website and services to write copy for your website. Let’s do it.

Stop One: Start with a minimal outline

Step One Write Copy for Your Website

Start with a simple outline, like this one. Metro Nova Creative provides a graphic design and marketing services, and would like to include a contact page, a services page, and a call to action on their website. The outline reflects the major sections of the website and serves as a guide for the copy to be written.

Step Two: Add some more subheaders

Step Two - Write Subheaders

Now add in some additional subheaders to your website outline. This will help your website developers create sections and pages that make sense to your readers and Google. You might include the information that you’d like included in a contact form, the subtypes of services you provide, or you might include information about where you’d like testimonials to appear in your content.

Step Three – Add the Details

Add the Details

You’re not done yet. You’ll need to add more details to your outline. Include specifics, like where the content is located for your brand story, or whose client testimonial you will include on your services pages. Get more detailed here with your copy so that you can target the search engines in the next step.

Step Four – Optimize for SEO

Step Four Optimize for SEO

Now it’s time to take your outline and start thinking about how it relates to SEO. Think about the keyphrase you’d like to emphasize in each section, and make a note on your outline where you will target that phrase. Consider what a person might type into Google to reach that part of your website. Will they ask a question, like how much does a logo design cost or how fast can I get a logo designed? Will they ask Google where look for a Fredericksburg graphic designer or Fredericksburg website designer? Consider where those Googleable questions and phrases should be emphasized in your text, and put your SEO notes in your outline.

Write the final content

Now your outline is finished, you’re ready to use your outline to write the final copy for your website. Think about the person who will read your copy as you write your final content. Write for that person first, and you’ll find Google matches the two of you up if you are using an outline as your guide.

Remember that words like “Services” or “Home” are poor for Search Engine Optimization because they have no specific meaning. You’ll need to include more than just a list of services to help Google understand what your website is really about. Include pictures of your services, testimonials, and descriptions of the kind of work you do. A good rule of thumb is to write text that is about 600 words per page. If your website is split into several very short pages, consider adding more text using the copywriting tips above, or redesign your site into a single page site.

No matter how big or small your website, you now know how to write copy for your website using an outline that includes SEO optimization notes. Go forth and conquer, young gladiator!

Too busy to write copy for your website?

That’s what we’re here for! Contact your friends at Metro Nova Creative to find out how we can optimize your copy for web, so you can focus on running your business.

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