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Food Trucks: The Delicious Designs We Love

Branding on the Go

With summer winding down and cooler weather upon us, we’re starting to reflect back on all of the great food trucks we visited. Whether parked outside of a bar, a music festival, or an office, fresh food that comes to you is an absolute game changer. But it’s certainly not just the grub that we adore. Part of what we love about food trucks is the design element. Whether it’s the graphics that the owners have chosen or the actual layout of the truck, these 10 mobile meal delivery systems are sure to make you drool!

[Featured image via cmtran]

1. iGrandma’s – Dekalb County, Indiana


iGrandma’s design is both adorably clever and also wonderfully unique. Order up some home-cooked comfort food like Salsbury steak or chicken & biscuits from the walkup window that’s sure to transport you right onto some old-timey white lady’s porch.
[Image via Wane]

2. Grillenium Falcon – Fayetteville, AR

Grillenium Falcon
SciFi nerds rejoice! But don’t rejoice too hard… this rolling Star Wars grilled cheese truck seems to be closed for business. Whomp whomp. Gouda concept though!
[Image via Reddit]

3. Curry Up Now – San Francisco, CA

curry up nowcurry up nowCurry Up Now is dishing out the flavors of India AND THESE AMAZING GRAPHICS! Loving the wheels on the logo plus the bright colors and bold designs. 10/10 regret not finding this truck while visiting California this year.
[Image via Curry Up Now]

4. Roving Mammoth Burritos – Mammoth Lakes, CA

Roving MammothRoving Mammoth
The Roving Mammoth is kind of bonkers… it’s a burrito shack built into a snowcat and it is exclusively for skiers and snowboarders on Mammoth Mountain. We’re also digging the simple logo and text designs but mostly we just think this would be fun to drive.
[Image via Food Truck Talk]

5. Souped Up – Buffalo, New York

Souped UpSouped Up
First of all, the pop art on this truck is to LIVE FOR. It’s eye catching for comic book fans, art buffs, and any regular joe on the street. Furthermore, the text bubble and contrasting simplicity of the contact information against the bold color palette is easy to read and really nails down what they’re selling.
[Image via Sweet Buffalo]

6. Tot Boss – Twin Cities, Minnesota

Tot BossTot Boss
Matte black with cascading tater tot graphics are what really seal the deal here. We’d follow this vehicle to the ends of the earth. Napoleon Dynamite approved. Furthermore, the owner/operator is fluent in sign language! Super cool!
[Image via Roaming Hunger]

7. Chairman Bao Bun Truck – San Francisco, CA

Chairman Bao Bun TruckChairman Bao Bun Truck
A truck that has us doing backflips. The panda logo, the beautiful lines, the color choices… and steamed buns on the menu?! Wish you were here, Chairman Bao.

[Image via PsPrint]

8. Maximus / Minimus – Seattle, WA

Maximus MinimusMaximus Minimus
Seriously, why does the west coast have the best food trucks?! The steampunk/Mad Max looking beast is custom designed and even has sunglasses to keep the sun from baking the cab area. Their facebook page says that this truck is closed for 2019, but keep those hooves crossed for 2020!

[Image via Reddit]

9. Dangerously Delicious Pies – Washington, DC

Dangerously DeliciousDangerously Delicious
We love that this simple design and matte black finish make the truck a little bit mysterious. Is it a pie shop? Maybe a traveling tattoo parlor? Perhaps an undercover FBI operation? Is a bank heist about to go down? All the locals know exactly what’s inside this truck because the brick and mortar pie restaurant has been located in DC for 20 years.

[Image via Roaming Hunger]

10. Del Popolo – San Francisco, CA

Del Popolo2Del Popolo2
Another San Francisco winner, this truck is not only gorgeous and inviting on the outside, but it boasts some really unique custom interior features. Because it has a wood burning pizza oven that reaches temps up to 800 degrees, pizzas cook in 60 seconds. And due to a few built-in stairs, it has one and a half floors so that the order counter is nearly street level. [Image via 7×7]

Del Popolo1Del Popolo1
[Image via 

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