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Website FAQ Series- Custom Website Costs

How Much Does a Custom Website Cost?

Check out the fifth video in our FAQ series where Dan discusses Metro Nova’s price range!

Video Transcript:

Hey, what’s up, guys? Dan, from Metro Nova Creative, continuing our FAQ series on website design. So we do build custom WordPress websites for clients, and we get a lot of the same questions. And so I thought it’d be good if I made some content, that explains some of those FAQs, answers those questions and then just gives you a little bit of education. So this question in the series is one we get almost every time we talk to somebody about a website, how much is a custom website?

So this is a really, really tough question because there’s so many different variables that go into it, right? Is it ecommerce? Is it a small website? Is it a larger website? Are there custom features? There’s a million things that go in there. But what I thought I’d do is give you a couple of examples that give you ballpark prices. That way, you should understand with a firm, what do you plan on paying? So if you just need kind of that standard five page informational website for your business, that home, about, service, contact, blog, that type of a thing. Custom WordPress site from our team is probably going to run you anywhere from the 4 to 6,000 dollar range. Now with us, there’s some different variables. We have a website questionnaire that allows you to kind of say these are the pages that need services. Here’s some examples of sites. I like all that stuff. So we take a lot of that into consideration. But if you’re kind of building that standard website that allows you to grow the business and grow the site, you should probably expect 4 to 6,000 dollars.

Probably in that range would be fair. And we’re probably mid to high range, to affirm our size. We’re not the cheapest guy in town, but I think we’re pretty affordable. We do really good work. Realistically, you know, with somebody on Fiver, or maybe even some of these freelancers out there that might charge, like, I’ll do a whole website for 500 dollars. They’re gonna pay somebody overseas, like 20 Bucks, and maybe the product will be great. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Or maybe it’ll be full of bugs and security issues and you’ll run into some problems. So another aspect of website getting a custom site built is you have to also ask, do you guys provide monthly maintenance moving forward?

With a WordPress site, you have to have plugins. Plugins are like the software of the website. It’s what makes everything work. And somebody has to manage and update those plugins, and they have to update WordPress, and they have to put Google recaption in there, and they have to do all the security plugins. So with our websites, we do offer monthly hosting and maintenance packages, and that includes cloud hosting. So great speeds on your website. Great load times. Do backups to the website every 24 hours. We keep backups of the site for 30 days. As we have a rolling 30 day backup period, we update those plugins and make sure everything’s done in a timely fashion and in the correct order. If you leave a lot of those plugins kind of left alone over time, what happens is that they don’t get updated and then security features kind of fail on them. And then people utilize that to kind of back end hack your website. And so it’s important that you have a good maintenance plan in place for your WordPress site to ensure the health of your website. So those are some of the costs that you should also consider.

Now say you just need a really small website and maybe 5, 6 or 7,000 dollars isn’t in your budget, but you want something. We do what we call mini sites, so they’re usually 1 to 3 pages. Much smaller. They’re probably in that 2,000 dollar range, but they’re really great. It’s a phenomenal way to start your business website. The nice thing is that it’s scalable. So as your business grows, we can grow that website and add on new features. And again, we are posting a maintenance packages for those as well. So you want something really small getting started. A mini site’s great. Like I said, around that 2,000 dollars range, give or take.

And then if you want something a little bit larger with a little more in depth, you can be in that 4 to 6,000 dollars range, and then you can go all the way up. So ecommerce websites, typically we’re going to do a cost of the website build plus an ecommerce setup package. An ecommerce can easily get to 10,000 dollars plus. So it really just depends on what the services are that you need and what you need the website to do for you.

So if you want to get a conversation started to learn about what kind of quote it’s going to take to get your website built, you can visit us at Feel free to email me And Yeah, I really look forward to talking to you and answering any questions you might have. And as always, be kind, be well and have a good day. Later.

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