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Employer Branding

What business goals can be achieved by effective employer brand strategy?

A user on Quora asks “What business goals can be achieved by effective employer brand strategy?”

Follow Up Answer:

Hello! I think that employer brand is incredibly important when setting your business goals. Think about scale for a business, you know that starting out typically you can do things on your own with some automation and hard work. But eventually you’re going to need to hire a team to support growth right? So it’s important to go through the trial and error things early on, build a solid system for project management and streamline your workflow process. You’ve got to decide what kind of culture you want to offer your employers. They need to know that you’ve spent a large amount of your time making sure the environment is healthy, proactive, and engaging before they even step foot into the office. If you take the time to develop that kind of brand culture as the employer, your talent scouting becomes exponentially easier. Brand trust works here the same as it does for consumer facing strategy. If you create a positive culture, your employees will in-turn speak about how much they love their job. They’ll spread the word, attracting other team members for future positions. I run a brand development company and I spend a great deal of time appreciating, supporting, and building up my team members because it’s a true gift that they want to work for me. If you don’t take care of them, they leave, if they leave, you don’t get to play the game anymore.


Employer Branding

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